Alternative Putlocker sites like Putlockers for 2020 [100% working]

Alternative Putlocker sites like Putlockers for 2020 [100% working]

Putlocker is one of the best used free movie streaming websites and a favourite among movie fans. People love the content it provides, but it’s also useful for the search function that allows users to find movies using any type of keyword easily. It is also malware-free. However, the original putlocker was closed due to copyright issues. The site was revived with different domain names but continued to be banned. Some of the PutLocker versions are still accessible like & Although they are varying from the original putlocker, they have the same function. Several other Putlocker alternatives have emerged that compete with the services provided by putlocker. Most streaming sites, like putlocker, have excessive pop-ups and ads that can completely ruin the overall user experience (U.I.).

Can’t access Are you looking for some other alternative ways to unlock putlockers? There are several methods to access putlocker when it is locked. However, the Putlocker Proxy and Putlockers Mirror sites are the most feasible. But, you will agree with me when I say “finding proxies that work with putlockers is not an easy job.” Fortunately, putlocker staff and other volunteers have created a series of Locker Mirror and Proxies sites. To help users access the torrent site. Putlocker The mirrors will have the same content, design and updates as well. The only thing is that The Pirate Bay Mirrors operate under a different domain name.

There are many alternatives available, so you can easily find the best online movie streaming sites.



Movie4u is the perfect website to watch any movie online for free within Hindi and English language. A good part of the good and new movies can be seen on this website. You will be able to view new Bollywood moving images on this website. The best alternative to Putlocker. All newly released moving images in India can be accessed on this website in 1 to XNUMX days. This website is simply superior for viewing any motion picture at any time without buffering.



It stands out among the most effective alternatives to Putlocker where you can watch all kinds of movies and also TV series from almost every nation.

Fmovies The interface has a series of promotions. However, likely, they will not bother you more than if you click on them. Here you can see short films according to the category, the country and also the year of release. Under each classification, Fmovies has a large number of films and a television collection.

Registration or any type of login is not necessary. Viewing an event is remarkable because below, you won’t face any pop-up windows. If you are looking for a superior movie website than SolarMovie, give Fmovies an effort and never bother looking for more. I should mention that it can become your first choice to feast on full movies as well as scenes from online TV series for nothing.



IOMovies The interface is like YesMovies and is free of promotions and pop-ups. It allows you to watch (stream) the latest movies and TV series in HD quality without registering. Streaming is fast, and the video quality is amazing.

Refrain from clicking misleading screenshots Download HD and stream in HD Watch series. Also, it offers elective servers to stream. In case the video doesn’t play with a server, you can choose another server.

It gives the least description of movies when compared to other movie sites like Putlocker.


Yes Movies

Putlocker is a prominent choice among movie lovers to watch movies and TV series online for nothing in HD.

YesMovies offers a large collection of movies that you can watch without logging in and downloading.

YesMovies provides filters to locate your movie as type, nation, Top IMDB. You’ll find a couple of ads here, but the good thing is that it doesn’t have pop-up windows and doesn’t redirect you to external sites when you click the Play button.



This is a feature-rich online movie streaming alternative to Putlocker. Its user interface is perfect and efficient, like premium movie websites.

It’s one of the best websites like SolarMovie, as most destinations have promotions and pop-ups that ruin the background for watching movies.



This should be your next decision as an alternative to Putlocker for watching movies and TV arrangements on the web. It is less resolved when compared to the best websites represented above.

The website has divided its multimedia content into only two sections. First are the movies and the second is the layout of the television. The content quality of Vumoo is excellent, and here, also, you do not have to join.



It stands out among the best websites like Putlocker, which allows you to watch TV series and movies online in HD. The content is completely free. Also, it does not require logins.

Like Putlocker, it also offers plenty of movie categories like Genre, Nation, Top IMDB and A-Z list etc. You can browse the class as directed by your arrangement. On the other hand, you can use the search bar additionally, if you need to watch particular movies.



The best thing about 123Movies is that you can watch movies, TV shows, scenes and anime in one place.

Its transmission quality is extremely excellent. I generally use this site to watch movies on the web. In case you request my best Putlocker option. To watch a movie of a specific type, choose the basic Snap-On genre option that you will see at the highest point of the site on the left side and select your ideal type choice in the overview such as Action, Drama, Sport, etc…



This should be your next pick on the list of websites like Putlocker. It is very easy to use the site. Everything is well organized. Viewers can easily watch their choice of the latest movies and TV shows with PutLocker. If you’re the person who loves to watch top-rated IMDB movie, then you will like PutLockersfilms.

You can easily navigate the top of IMDB movie through the secondary menu at the top. The website also provides categories such as the most viewed today, the highest rated movies, the most favourite and more. But maybe it’s a good job for you, so give it a try and don’t forget to leave your comments.

PrimeWire guidePrimeWire

PrimeWire is also another website like Putlocker. To watch movies or TV shows on, especially, you must make a free registration. The login procedure is simple as different locale settings. The direct plugin allows you to capture and complete the required details, and everything is ready. You can sort movies based on Date Included, Ratings, and Release Date and highlight. The streaming quality is also excellent as 123movies. So, you can watch the trailer before watching the movie.



As a substitute for Putlocker, Movie4K will also satisfy you. The essential structure of the site is simple. You can, without much effort, handle the entire methodology. As for the nature of the film and the shows, we communicate with everything. Watching movies is on your watch. The accessible classes are the show, the activity, the spinal column, the satire, the vivified arrangement and some more.

Haloa Movies

Haloa Movies
Credits: Technofizi

After all, this is one of the largest movie databases. From great old works of art to modern ones, everything is accessible under one umbrella. The site has been designed for the simple use of clients. Everything should be possible without a single penny. Complement in your menu option. You will find a long line of movies. Class is most of the mainstream motion picture films, much appreciated, as indicated by year and film series.



MovieNinja is another site similar and better than Putlocker, you know there are thousands of free movie streaming sites, but very few are like MovieNinja. Here you get a massive database (information) of movies and TV series. MovieNinja has a useful and attractive user interface on its home page; Most of the content is divided into sections and categories. Users can stream all things without singing, and you will see some ads on the site but not pop-ups.

Again, please do not skip this site, it is also better than Solar Movie, please click the link below and explore. If you want to update with the best Putlocker alternatives, bookmark this page.



MovieZap is also a right name on Putlockers best list of alternatives; It offers tons of movies and TV shows to visitors. They do not allow you to access your content without registering. MovieZap has a good user interface; you wouldn’t see ad blitz; The site database is divided into sections and categories. You will see some navigation option in the header.

MovieZap does not store the videos on your server; Third parties provide all content. We don’t have enough data on its popularity and traffic statistics, but it is an excellent option to watch movies and TV series for free.



LookMoive is not only an excellent alternative site but better than Putlocker. It’s better because it provides you with a vast movie database and the site interface lives up to the free online movie streaming segment.

LookMoive offers you an attractive design (interface) with the slider of the latest movies; Its home page is very clear and easy to use. Get a few more details of the movie after clicking on its thumbnail, i.e. Release Year, Rating, Genre and Duration; Movies are in HD and LQ quality.

A great thing is hard to find on the free movie streaming site which is the ad-free environment, but here you don’t see any graphic ads on the whole site, yes you see some video ads, but that’s not irritating.

LookMovie has become famous among people and has users from all over the world. Still, the majority of visitors come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Austria and India. This site receives around 5 million traffic in a single month.


Putlocker alternatives as a backup if the domain is turned off. You can browse the different databases and discover new movies, which is a good idea. All of these Putlocker alternatives are pretty good. Some of these could replace Putlocker, like direct streaming websites. If you are willing to spend some money, then Netflix is a great option, it has by far the most surprising and attractive features among all its competitors. If you are looking for online free streaming services, then GoMovies will be a recommended option and many more, and if you need a free movie service, this is the putlocker alternative.

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