Rainierland Watch Online Movies Rainierland Alternatives

Rainierland Watch Online Movies Rainierland Alternatives

Rainierland has been one of the leading free sites for streaming movies, TV series and documentaries online. However, as with many other free online streaming sites, Rainierland is not always online. Furthermore, the website & others like it often suffer attacks from copyright authorities that can end with the removal of the site. Case in point, Philippines-based Rainierland founder Rainier M. Tamayo had arrested in 2016 for streaming copyrighted latest movies. This arrest makes quickly fanned the flames of a possible site demolition. However, due to the situation makes little to affect the website. Rainierland was immediately (instantly) taken over by another team and still works today with almost daily updates from the movie database.

The site uses a Netflix-style design that showcases all the latest and greatest that Hollywood has to offer on the cover. From here, you can also select various genre options to filter only the movies that match your taste.

Additionally, the intuitive site design also allows you to sort by various factors such as movie releases, latest releases, top viewed and highest rated options. You also get a year (date) selector that you can only configure to show movies from a specific year.

Once you select the movie that interests you, getting to the streaming part is a snap. The main page of the film offers a brief synopsis of the film, as well as a minimum of 20 working links to see the film.

Rainierland movies are usually available in 720p resolution. Another positive aspect of using Rainierland is that, relative to many similar sites, this website has a relatively low ad concentration. Even on the main (primary) movie streaming page, you can get graphic ads on the page or obstruct your view of the media player. However, Rainierland is not without the occasional ad link popup in a new tab. However, that’s not a combination of Adblock, and the minimal action can’t handle it.

Alternative sites like Rainierland



One website that opts for an older school-looking interface is Afdah Movies. However, don’t let its outdated interface fool you; This service offers some of the best quality free broadcasts that are suitable alternatives to what you will find in Rainierland.

The site’s home page features a messy list of some of the latest blockbusters mixed with good old days and cult classics from previous decades. Fortunately, however, the ranking options available on Afdah can only compete with a few competitors.

You have the option to search for titles by year, country or language. Also, you can sort your selection by an extensive genre list or in alphabetical order.

Once you click on a movie, they take you to a page containing the synopsis directly on top of a responsive player that runs smoothly every time. The site is also responsive; therefore, unlike many other options, Afdah does not require any manual gymnastics to work on your device. Whether you’re on a mobile device, tablet, or PC, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Above the player, a tabbed menu lets you select from 3-4 streaming servers, while an additional option reveals a list of related movies. The relevant movie feature works quite well and is surprisingly accurate.



When it comes to the dark arts of free online movie streaming, few names are as pervasive and resilient as Putlocker. Putlocker was one of the few sites that offered strong competition to Rainierland.

The original Putlocker site was launched in 2011 and quickly became one of the top movie streaming sites on the Internet. At its peak, after Megaupload closed, the site received several million visitors from around the world per day, making it the top 250 most visited Alexa websites worldwide.

However, the UK-based site was blocked by order of the High Court in May 2016, authorities suspended the domain name and then transferred its ownership to EuroDNS.

However, after the shutdown, some clones of the website appeared online as well as with Rainierland. Today, the Putlocker name applies to at least fifty mirror websites or proxy websites.

Putlockers traditional interface is intuitive and straightforward and emphasizes efficiency. On the main page, the most prominent feature is an extensive search bar that helps you find any movie (particular) or TV series that interests you.

You also get buttons that reveal (shows) a chronological list of available movies or TV shows, as well as another for an advanced search function.

Free movie Cinema

Free Movie Cinema

Are you tired of the same old revamped plots in every new box office hit? Then it’s time to get a free dose of Cinema Therapy movies in your life.

Free Movie Cinema is an online streaming platform that houses a selection of intriguing, independent short films from all genres and sub-genres. On this website, you get several quality productions from free-spirited solo directors, as well as tickets from film organizations like the American Film Institute (AFI).

While Free Movie Cinema is not a direct replacement (substitute) for Rainierland, it does offer a variety of high-quality entertainment.

At Free Movies Cinema, you can choose from action, suspense, animation, horror, adventure, short films, fan movies, classic movies, and TV/web series. The platform presents a carefully selected selection from multiple sources.

The interface is intuitive, easy to use & complete without advertising. From the main page (primary page), you can select any movie of your choice or dive into the categories on the main navigation bar.

Each entry on the site requires a click to play. No downloads, memberships or special actions are required. Most of the content on the website is in HD, and its database is updated quite frequently.


Hubmovie cc

It is another excellent alternative to Rainierland that provides a robust movie database with an intuitive interface is Hubmovie.cc. The home page of the site is a simple setup that lists movies chronologically by the date they were uploaded.

However, Hubmovie’s primary focus is on recent movies released in the current and previous years. Therefore, the selection of videos from the home page is sure to attract your interest as it contains all the latest box office hits.

However, you can scan old movies using the page number selector at the bottom of the page, or search for a specific movie with the search bar in the upper right corner. You also have the option to go to a page for only movies or TV shows and another to see the platform’s loading schedule from the main navigation bar.

The site’s programming page keeps you updated on the latest television series and the air date of new episodes. Unlike many other streaming sites, Hubmovie also has a handy request page where you can request to add all of your new favourite movies.



Initially created in 2016, Fmovies quickly rose in rank to become one of the Internet’s most recommended movie streaming sites, offering fierce competition to big names like Rainierland. This quick rise is due in part to the direct, lightweight interface of the site and its high-quality transmissions.

Fmovies is one of several sites that emerged from the disappearance of the original Putlocker; therefore, it follows a similar design philosophy. The home page has a featured search bar that allows you to choose any movie of your choice.

You also get an option that allows you to roll back to a previous version of the interface that features a tiled display of Netflix titles.

At the top of the web page, the main (primary) navigation bar allows you to sort movies by trending titles, TV shows, movies, as well as a selection of movies with the best IMDB Ratings.

On the streaming page of any particular movie, like with Rainierland, you get a brief excerpt from the IMDB synopsis. You also get other details about the movie, such as genre, year of release, country, director, actors, and duration.

XMovies 8


Another best alternative to Rainierland, the XMovies 8 platform is one of the best places to stream free movies online. The advantage of this streaming service, over many others, is the interface, how clean it looks and how well it works.

When you visit the XMovies8 home page, the first thing that will catch your attention is that there are no graphic ads anywhere. The same theme continues throughout the site, including on the streaming pages of all movie titles.

An ad popup still appears when you try to play a movie, but that’s a small price to pay for free movie streams combined with such a smooth interface.

The main menu on the home page allows you to select movies, TV shows or anyone from a list of 26 genres. A smaller submenu enables you to sort movies in alphabetical order and jump to any specific alphabet with one click.



Soap2Day.biz is a free online movie streaming site that offers a large number of movies and TV series to its users. It provides HD movies of various genres, as well as content from different parts of the world, such as entertainment from TV shows, American movies, Europe and Asia. No registration is required to use the website. It has a menu with Popular (most viewed), Country, Genres, Series, Movies, and Home buttons to facilitate navigation of the website. Also, the site is easy to use. There is also a search button for the user to search for the required movies quickly. To view a movie on Soap2Day.biz, the user only has to click on the movie, which will then start playing. Its transmission speed is good, and there is no limitation on the number of movies that the user can watch.

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