Alternatives to DailySport | DailySport Alternatives

Alternatives to DailySport | DailySport Alternatives

Within the long list of websites blocked by Spanish operators, the popular website Dailysport or Dailysports is now added , which results in fewer and fewer options to watch free content online and the need to look for substitutes. Therefore, here we mention the alternatives to Dailysports to watch football online for free and you can continue enjoying all the programming of your favorite sport. On the list we leave you incredible portals such as Live TV, Roja Directa, BuffStreams and BatmanStream. Join us!

What happened to Dailysport? Was it blocked or has it been closed forever?

Something we all know is that free streaming of paid content like sports or  movies  is illegal in many countries. Therefore, portals like Dailysports are inevitably banned. While it is true that the Internet offers a lot of free content to download , this does not apply when it comes to the unauthorized publication of private content.

What happened was that there was a persecution of the Daily sports domains , thus causing it to be blocked in Spain. Although it still worked in several Latin American countries, the Spanish public was the one that contributed most of the income to this platform. Until recently, you could access the web by changing your IP using VPN , which was a temporary solution to this problem. However, the influx of public was greatly reduced and legal problems increased. Thus, losing publicity and being persecuted, the developers had to close the project completely. Therefore, Dailysports currently no longer works.

This is not new, other platforms such as Intergoles , Arenavision and Latelete TV are in the same situation . However, it is still possible to access free online football broadcasts through other platforms , which are the ones we bring you below. Just keep in mind that these Dailysports substitutes often change URLs constantly to avoid legal problems. Also, the good thing about our list is that all of these websites are not only great options to replace Dailysports, but they are completely free.

Substitutes and alternatives to watch football online for free

Although there are different platforms that allow you to watch football online for free, it is important to be able to choose the best ones. Therefore, we have researched, filtered and selected, and now we share an updated list (September 2023) with 7 alternatives to Dailysports that will not disappoint you.

Live TV

Live TV  is a popular site to stream football for free .  The reason we say this is due to many reasons, for example, unlike its competitors, it allows the replay of certain matches and live comments.

This is a free website that streams live football matches , hence the name, but also reruns for certain matches! Share the live score as well as video files to fully enjoy the highlights of a match. It also offers the possibility of following many competitions, including matches from the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, our old Ligue 1, La Liga and Serie A.


ATDHE is an American site that broadcasts a large number of sporting events , including football. It is characterized by being a minimalist flow website. This means that from the home page, you are just one click away from the flash stream. Due to its free access and conflicts over streaming rights, this site has been banned in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, it is still accessible in many EU countries and a great alternative to Dailysports .


Sportlemon is defined as a tool for the 21st century where it is possible to share links to sporting events. In fact, you can add your links for free and find many others. You can even choose the language of the comments .

For these simple reasons, Sportlemon is a substitute for Dailysports that you should not ignore.


ESPN is considered  the largest sports network in the world and has a massive fan base across borders. As of now, ESPN has spread its network across 200 countries and is broadcast in five different languages.

A similar effect is also found on their sports page, where you get all those videos and analysis efficiently. Additionally, the site is aimed at the general type of soccer and rugby series in the US and other countries. Other sophisticated sports also get high priority with different news gossip or other analysis. Without a doubt, it is an excellent option to replace Dailysports .

We can say that is one of the  best alternatives currently available to replace Dailysports. This fabulous portal not only allows you to watch football online for free in HD quality , but also connects with TV channels like ESPN. In addition, it has access to other sports such as NFL, WWE, AFL, UFC/MMA and many more.

It has a  user-friendly interface, very organized and with easy access for the programming you choose. It is shown with the name BuffStreams, which suggests that it is a new version of this well-known platform. Be careful, it should be noted that the platform is in English , but understanding it is very easy. The icing on the cake is that it is totally free , you don’t need to pay for memberships or subscriptions.


The peculiar name of this website should not confuse, as it is one of the most important portals when we talk about alternatives to Dailysports . In addition to its playback quality, it broadcasts soccer, basketball, hockey, American football, and more. Each broadcast is free, you just need to create an account to enjoy the entire menu .

The best thing is that the BatmanStream catalog is updated daily, so you will always have a new event on the billboard . The interface is easy to understand, loads very quickly and is user friendly.


The best free European streaming site to watch live football. Rojadirecta is one of the most visited sports indexing platforms in the world ; In addition to the matches, this site is full of useful information and adjusts its clock to your location.

You can visit RojaDirecta and start enjoying the live broadcast of your favorite football events. We recommend the link that we have shared, as you must keep in mind that there is more than one domain that the page administrators have placed to guard against closures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dailysports work?

Dailysports is a website designed to watch free football online . The system consisted of providing links to the sporting events that one wanted to see live and for free . However, this did not comply with the transmission rights laws paid by authorized television stations and channels, so they chose to make constant complaints to the website and its creators and/or administrators.

Why did Dailysports become so well known?

Since its appearance in mid-2020, Dailysports has positioned itself in a privileged place in the preferences of users who find platforms to watch football online for free the best alternative to pay channels. Although its rise is partly explained by having captured the audience that was left in the air after the closure of Rojadirecta and Arenavision, the ease of searching and the wide scope of sporting events gave it a characteristic brand .

What happened to Dailysports?

Because they infringed broadcasting rights , Dailysports had to change domains on several occasions to avoid closure and legal problems. The complaints and claims were such that the administrators of the page had no choice but to announce its closure from the end of February 2021 . For this reason, the platform currently does not work on any domain, so the closure remains definitive .

Are the pages to watch football online for free safe?

If you are worried that a virus, malware or any threat will be downloaded to your laptop and compromise your files and personal information, you should keep in mind that this will not happen to you when you access websites to watch football online for free. Remember that it is just a matter of following the links provided by the platform and that it is not necessary to download anything, so  your computer is safe .

The only drawback you might have is the amount of advertising , but generally it is not that invasive and it is just a matter of being patient enough until you reach the broadcast. However, if this is not your case, there are currently several methods to block ads , such as the AdBlock extension.

How to choose the best website to watch football online for free?

When choosing a website where you can watch football online for free, we must take into account some important aspects to enjoy without problems: allowing transmission without interruptions , having good image quality and having sufficient range to allow viewing. as many matches as possible .

Now you have  several substitutes for Dailysports  to be able to calmly watch your free football games in streaming, there are no more excuses!

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