Alternatives to Divx | Divx Alternatives

Alternatives to Divx | Divx Alternatives

Divx a tope was a great website that allowed you to download series and movies for free through Torrents. Today, if we visit any of their web domains, we see that it was probably closed by the authorities, since they are completely empty. However, free entertainment does not die with this website, since you can still enjoy similar content on some alternative websites to Divx to the fullest .

Divx a tope was one of the most important web portals in Spain with a large number of movies and series to download for free online via Torrent. Although his original domain was blocked, he returned for a while through However, little by little it was losing reach and advertising revenue did not compensate for the creators’ spending. Added to this is that sites like this are prosecuted for violating copyright laws.

What happened to Divx at its fullest? Is it not working or closed permanently?

The story of Dvix at its peak ended when the Civil Guard ordered its closure. Added to this is the fact that its owners lost a million-dollar lawsuit and were close to being canceled for infringing copyright. In this sense, sites like this are constantly targeted by production companies for making movies and series available to the user for free.

Thus, full P2P download portals such as Dvix are harmful to the film and audiovisual entertainment industry. This persecution intensified in 2015 and since 2018 many websites closed permanently. This was the case of portals such as ExVagos , Hispashare , DailySports or VeoTorrent .

Best 7 Alternatives to Divx Fully

The Divx website had already suffered some previous blocks, which they got rid of by changing their domain name to However, its closure this year seems definitive, so today we present 7  top Divx alternatives that provide similar content and quality.

There are many websites that could completely replace Divx, but one of the best is On this website you can find the latest releases in terms of movies and series, all in Spanish, FullHD and to download via Torrent .

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about avoiding dozens of ads, since works with very little advertising. Added to this is that the website has a fairly elegant and easy-to-use interface.


Our second suggestion among the full Divx alternatives is Elitetorrent. It is a fairly well-known website and on everyone’s lips, since it has an immense database with so many movies and series that it is impossible to get bored of its content.

Most of the content on Elitetorrent is in 720p, DVDrip or HDTV format. Likewise, the series and movies are dubbed into Spanish or have subtitles. This website has several domains; the most popular of them is

TodoTorrents they already know by name, at you can find any Torrent files for any movie or series you want to watch. As if that were not enough, they stand out for having a large amount of 4K content for their most demanding users.

Torrent Project 2

Torrent Project 2 is a slightly different full Divx alternative . It is not exactly a website for Torrent movies, but a BitTorrent file search engine .

This is, in fact, their strong point, since they do not offer a catalog of content, but rather they allow you to explore the entire Internet in search of Torrent files of your favorite movies and series.

Latin Torrent

For those who prefer to watch movies in Latin Spanish, this website was created. is responsible for offering movies and series with Hispanic audio completely free of charge.

They are also characterized by having a great interface that allows you to search among the most notable titles or filter the results by film genre. What are you waiting for to take full advantage of this great alternative to Divx ? They have more than 40 titles in 4k UHD. was born in 2003 and is already a classic for downloading movies and series through Torrent. Therefore, today it is shown as an alternative and additional substitute for Dvix butt. Its content includes videos, series, apps, games, e-books and more. An advantage is that its content is of high quality and the download is very fast.

The interface of this website is simple to understand and comfortable to navigate. The only thing you have to do is register, create a username with a password and you will have the extensive catalog at your disposal. We recommend a VPN to secure your IP and enjoy everything anonymously.


https://www.subtorrents.liThis site is one of the best for downloading movies and series in English with Spanish subtitles. Its extensive and constantly updated database brings unmissable premieres and difficult-to-find titles. The good thing is that you don’t need to register and the interface is easy to understand.

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There is no doubt that Divx a top was an amazing website. Despite this, it is not the only great free entertainment portal that the Internet  has to offer. For this reason, in today’s article, we wanted to demonstrate that there are countless alternatives to Divx, of which 5 equal or even exceed its excellence as a platform.

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