GranTorrent: Best alternatives for torrent series and games | GranTorrent alternatives

GranTorrent: Best alternatives for torrent series and games | GranTorrent alternatives

The GranTorrent web portal became one of the most used platforms for downloading movies of all types of themes, allowing its users to choose between different qualities, excellent download speed and multiple quality links.

Unfortunately it seems that the website has come to an end, since it has not been available for some time, preventing its regular users from accessing it. Luckily there are several alternatives to watch series, movies and games through Torrent. Do not miss it!

Why is Grantorrent not available?

Despite the incredible success that this platform has had for a long time, it is currently not in operation, a situation that has continued for several months, giving those who used it to understand that it will not be active again. The reasons are not really clear as there is no official explanation, however, we can get an idea of ​​what happened.

Unfortunately, and as useful as they may seem to us, these types of websites where you can download torrents, streaming content and make direct downloads violate the copyright of said content. Few of them can last for years.

Alternatives to download series and games

Luckily, every time one of these web pages is closed, many others appear. Although we cannot guarantee that they are from the same author, or that all of them are of the best quality, there are several that can be trusted. 

Divxtotal Torrent

A classic website, which many surely know. This platform has managed to remain active for a long time and therefore offers excellent services. It is a fairly solid torrent portal, with links to download movies and series quite safely and that also has a simple, intuitive and easy-to-understand interface .

Divxtotal has an extensive list of series and movies that are well organized by categories, in addition to offering several search filters to optimize the process. Each series and movie has its own information sheet and much of its content is in the original version.


If you are one of those who like to spend hours watching series and movies on your TV, Elitetorrent is a great option. Not only can you get great classics and content from past years, this platform is responsible for constantly updating its catalogs which include the most recent premieres and the latest episodes of trending series in a very short time.

The website offers many download options, image qualities, file formats and even dubbing and subtitles in several languages.


Despite having very little time in the torrent market, this website has achieved significant popularity within the community. Thanks to the excellent quality service it offers, it has earned the affection of several users and that is why it is currently one of the best GranTorrent alternatives to download series, movies and games.

Among the most notable features of Zooqle, we can mention the fact that it does not have commercial promotions, although you are bombarded with a bit of visual advertising when you enter the website, the downloads are fast and direct with just a couple of clicks.


Gnula is an excellent alternative to Grantorrent , since it has a fairly extensive catalog, with daily updates and good video quality. It has the best releases in a short time, with different language and subtitle options.

The page allows you to filter by a wide variety of genres, or use its search engine to find the movie faster. However, its main disadvantage is the number of ads, which can be annoying.


With a list of more than 9 million torrents to download , Limetorrents is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives you can find. The platform has a simple interface without large designs, but clean and friendly so that your searches are fast, effective and optimized.

On the other hand, the content offered by Limetorrents, despite being varied, is verified, therefore, downloads are safe. The website also allows you to download several files at the same time, something that is quite innovative.

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These are all the alternatives to GranTorrent that we have to show you. Even today, with all the streaming platforms that exist and the variety of websites where you can watch your favorite movies and series online, torrents are still widely used, this is mainly due to the variety of content and the speed. of your downloads.

This is why platforms like Grantorrent always remain active, new ones emerging from time to time. We hope you enjoy them!

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