Alternatives to EstrenosDTL | EstrenosDTL Alternatives

Alternatives to EstrenosDTL | EstrenosDTL Alternatives

If you usually download through P2P, you surely know EstrenosDTL . Additionally, like many of its users, you may have also noticed that its platform lately is very unstable and almost impossible to use. If this is the case, we recommend that you know some of the alternatives to EstrenosDTL  with which you can continue enjoying P2P downloads while this page presents these failures in its operation.

What happened to EstrenosDTL? Is it not working or closed permanently?

Within the wide variety of movie download pages that exist on the web, EstrenosDTL is one of the most popular. Fame that was due to the excellent quality of the archives it offered in its extensive catalogue, which stood out for the latest releases and the must-see classics that every lover of the seventh art must see.

EstrenosDTL used P2P transfers and the Torrent-based system, gaining more and more followers. However, the material it made available to users infringed copyright, which is why the authorities have led the page to temporary closures and successive server crashes.

This situation is not new, it is the same that affects other platforms such as Pelis24 , Tomadivx , HDFull and DonTorrent . Although EstrenosDTL can still be found available, the portal is not always enabled, has many flaws and is likely to see its definitive closure in the coming months.

7 best alternatives to EstrenosDTL

Right now, you can barely download content from EstrenosDTL, their servers may be failing, they may receive more traffic than they can handle, or they may be suffering from a DDoS attack. The exact cause is not known, but at this rate EstrenosDTL may even end up closing.

Therefore, on this occasion we have compiled a list of alternatives to EstrenosDTL that you can use while said service has certain problems. Likewise, the following websites are some that you can use if said portal, as the history indicates, were to close permanently.


Taking into account its extensive and varied content, seems to be the definitive alternative to EstrenosDTL . It is characterized by offering thousands of Torrents to download movies , TV shows, music, games, apps, anime, among others.

To give you an idea of ​​how extensive the Limetorrents catalog is, in their movie section alone they have more than a thousand pages. Likewise, another detail to highlight about this website is that it has a fairly simple and easy to understand interface


Our next alternative to EstrenosDTL is Zonatorrent, one of the best websites to download movies and series in Spanish through Torrent. It stands out for its quite friendly, intuitive and well-organized interface.

At you can find the best titles of all time , organized by categories such as action, adventure, war, among others. Likewise, it could not be omitted that this website has a premiere section , where you can find movies less than a week after being released.


If you don’t know what a BitTorrent search engine is , it is software that examines thousands of web pages looking for the .torrent file of a movie, series or any other digital file. This is just what does, our third alternative to EstrenosDTL .

Therefore, Torrends does not offer its own content, but rather allows you to examine what thousands of other websites offer in a single search. Thanks to this, this website is one of the most extensive sources of Torrent files on the Internet.

Mitorrent is another good website to download Torrents of movies, series and anime exclusively in Spanish. Something very characteristic of this page is its search engine; With it you can go directly to the content that interests you, writing its title and choosing the quality, genre, year of release, among others.

It should be noted that, although the advertising on this website is quite noticeable, it is not annoying or invasive like other similar portals. For this reason, we suggest Mitorrent as an alternative to EstrenosDTL, as it is a website with years of experience, reputation and almost unlimited content.


The content on stands out for its excellent audiovisual quality, including 4K movies and for being available in different video formats. Thanks to this alternative to EstrenosDTL you can download movies in MicroHD, HDRip, BlueRay, 3D, among many other file types.

On the other hand, in GranTorrent the content is not the least important thing, which is why they are responsible for publishing the latest film releases every week . The only negative about this website is its large amount of advertising, so it is worth installing an ad blocker before accessing it.

For those who are interested in learning a foreign language, could be a very attractive option. This is a Torrent website that offers movies in original audio and with subtitles in different languages .

This is also quite useful for those who prefer to watch movies in original audio and not dubbed into Spanish. The best thing about this website is that it includes very little advertising and the content is very well updated. 


The last alternative to EstrenosDTL in today’s top is, which as its name indicates, offers movies dubbed into Latin Spanish. If you prefer this audio format, this website is ideal for you; They have an extensive list of the best titles and are always up to date with the latest releases.

On the other hand, TorrentLatino’s interface draws a lot of attention for its great design, which is characterized by being elegant, easy to use and organized. Finally, another point in favor of this web portal is that it really uses very little advertising.

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It is not known for sure whether EstrenosDTL will recover from its current failures or close for good. Meanwhile, if you are finding it impossible to use said website, your best options are the alternatives to EstrenosDTL that we listed above.

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