Alternatives to NewPCT | NewPCT Alternatives

Alternatives to NewPCT | NewPCT Alternatives

PCTNew or NewPCT was a renowned website for downloading movies and series through Torrent. To this day, there is no trace of this page, after it was closed due to its illegal activities. If you were a user of this web portal and are now looking for the best alternatives to NewPCT, you have come to the right article; Below we list some similar options.

What happened to PCTNew? Is it not working or closed forever?

Many Internet users prefer to enjoy series and movies from the comfort of their home; For this reason, they look for the best P2P page where they can find both the latest entertainment and the classics of film and television. In this way, users found NewPCT a favorite portal to enjoy the desired content.

The wide variety of genres and the ease of downloading , along with being available completely in Spanish and providing Torrent options in different languages, gave it a special place in the public’s preference.

However, like other pages to download movies and series through Torrent such as TuMejorTorrent , Divx a tope , VeoTorrent  and SkyTorrents , PCTNew is down and had multiple copyright problems, which led the platform to its permanent closure. Although Newpct1 appeared later , it is also blocked.

Better alternatives to PCTNew or NewPCT

There are countless websites similar to PCTNew where you can also download the latest movies and series via Torrent . Below, we present some of the best options that you can use as alternatives to said web portal.


One of the best websites that you can use as an alternative to PCTNew is This first option stands out for its varied, extensive content and always in a higher resolution than other portals .

In Pelispanda you can find the best movies and series of the decade, including, of course, the latest big releases. Likewise, this website stands out for its easy-to-use and almost advertising-free interface .


If you didn’t know, we tell you that it is a powerful BitTorrent search engine that allows you to search several Torrent websites at the same time . It is undoubtedly a great alternative to PCTNew , since it offers content from not one, but dozens of web pages.

On the other hand, Torrent Paradise stands out for being a website that is quite easy to use and with an interface that is almost 100% free of advertising . However, what you should keep in mind about this portal is that they do not verify the Torrents files they offer, so some of them could be unsafe for your PC.


Another website similar to PCTNew is MejorTorrent, a page where you can download Torrents of the best movies and series in HD . It should be noted that this portal also has a very well-crafted interface divided into sections for each film genre and, of course, for the premieres.

Among other interesting features of this website is the fact that it does not have any advertising . At the same time, they have a fairly varied list of titles, including everything from the most classic to the most recent.

Quality Cinema

The famous website for watching movies online , Cine Calidad, also has the Torrent download function. In addition to this, this alternative to PCTNew  works with many other viewing and download servers.

In case you didn’t know, Cine Calidad offers free movies of very high quality , including everything from the most classic cinema titles to the latest releases. This website is well known for its enormous variety of content  and simple, organized and easy-to-use interface .


Another search engine with which you can consult hundreds of websites at once is DirtyTorrents, similar to The Pirate Bay. In this alternative to PCTNew  you can enter a simple search term and obtain a list with hundreds of websites with Torrents related to your query.

Now, there are no limits to what you can download from this website: movies, TV shows, games, music and apps are just some of the forms of content offers.


The most characteristic thing about MoviesDVDR is that, as its name indicates, all its movies to download via Torrent are in DVDR format . However, this is not all, on this website you can find a fairly extensive and updated catalogue , which includes premieres a few weeks after their launch.

On the other hand, this alternative to PCTNew  also has a  very intuitive and well-organized interface in different categories , and the best of all is that, although advertising is included, it is really very little and is not invasive.

Divx Premieres

Finally, another alternative to PCTNew that we suggest is Divx Premieres or, a portal where, as its slogan indicates, you will find all the film and TV premieres . On this page, the user can see the synopsis of each entry, the quality and the score they have obtained on the best categorization websites.

The organization of the platform is another virtue, since we can search by genre or year of release and browse only movies, series or classics. In addition,  it favors material in Spanish, Latin and Peninsular , making it ideal for our Spanish-speaking community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to PCTNew?

Because PCTnew was a website dedicated to sharing copyright-protected content for free, it engaged in piracy. For this reason, it has been permanently closed.

Are alternatives to PCTNew safe?

The websites that we share here are totally safe, without malware or viruses that damage your PC. However, for some you may need to use a VPN to fully enjoy your downloads and series.

What is the best alternative to PCTNew?

For now, the best alternative to PCTNew is TorrentParadise. It has a wide catalog of options that allows you to enjoy free content.

PCTNew or NewPCT has been definitively closed , although for a time it worked as Newpct1, so you can now leave this website and the content it offered aside. However, there are dozens of portals similar to this one that you can still continue using without problems; Among the most prominent on the entire Internet you will find the aforementioned.

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