Alternatives to Series Blanco | Series Blanco Alternatives

Alternatives to Series Blanco | Series Blanco Alternatives

In mid-2018, Series Blanco was one of the most visited Torrent websites. However, just when it was in full swing and continued to grow in popularity, they suddenly closed. If you came to enjoy this website and now you are wondering why they closed and what alternatives to Series Blanco can I start using? Below, we answer all your questions.

What happened to Series Blanco? Is it not working or closed forever?

Many wonder if Series Blanco is not working or has closed permanently. In reality, the fact is that Series Blanco closed forever , because despite returning with other extensions, such as, and others, today these two were also closed. Not only that, but the website itself had invasive advertising and a lot of content that violated copyright.

This has already happened with similar web portals such as Series Pepito , Series Danko , SkyTorrent , Pelis24 or OpenLoad . What happens is that websites to watch or download free movies and series online violate the copyrights of the production companies. For this reason, they are closed by law, as already happened with Series Blanco. Happily, today we bring you 7 of the best alternatives and substitutes to this website.

7 best alternatives to Series Blanco

Series Blanco has not been closed once but twice. This website began under the domains of and, which were blocked by court order. That was the first time that this portal was out of service, however, they had returned under the same domain but now with the .org extension.

Finally, the domain was also closed and its owners do not seem to have the intention of continuing to defy the authorities. However, there are still thousands of projects that offer free movies and series through the power of BitTorrent. Today we list some of the best so that they can serve as an alternative to Series Blanco .


The best alternative to Series Blanco is probably We are talking about one of the most professional portals, since they are always up to date with the most popular series of the year.

Likewise, Zonatorrent has a very well-organized page interface, with different sections to see the most relevant or new series in each category. It should be noted that all the content on this web portal is available in Spanish, Latin Spanish and subtitled English. 

All Torrents is a website that is a bit reminiscent of DonTorrent; due to their similar appearance and content. On this portal you can find movies and series in the best possible resolution; in fact, they have more than 1,000 titles in 4K quality.

Another point in favor of this alternative to Series Blanco is that they have very little advertising. You will get all the Torrents you need without going through dozens of annoying pop-ups and advertising banners.


At they are dedicated to publishing Torrents of movies and series in HD so that their users can watch them completely free. Although the interface of this website is not very elegant, it is more than functional. In any case, its strong point is found in its extensive catalog of content that seems to have no end.

Also, the web portal is characterized by offering movies and series in multiple formats, such as DVDRip, HDRip, 3D SBS, among others.


One of the oldest and most popular sites for downloading Torrents is This 4 alternative to Series Blanco is actually a search engine and not a web portal that offers Torrents on its own.

What TorrentFunk allows you to do is search thousands of Torrent file platforms from all over the Internet in search of that series or movie you want to watch. Its biggest drawback is that the website is in English, although, even without knowledge of the language, it is quite easy to use.


Seriesflix could be described as the free Netflix. They are not part of said company, of course, but they also offer a fairly varied content catalog with series and movies exclusive to payment platforms.

In addition to them, in this alternative to Series Blanco you can find a web interface that is quite user-friendly and full of special details. Its only flaw is that the content must be viewed from the same platform, since they do not allow downloads.

Cave3 is another good alternative to Series Blanco. It is a website that rescues the extensive catalog of the original Cuevana, which you can organize by genre, date, premieres, rankings, duration, cast, etc.

For now, you can use it to watch your movies and series online for free in high quality and with enormous content at your disposal.

Vidcorn is a web portal that will be useful as an alternative to Series Blanco. It is a page that has a complete catalog of new series and movies that are trending on the networks. Not only that, but it retains plenty of classic content for veterans.

Another good point in its favor is that its interface is easy to use. The built-in carousel helps you easily view all the new releases, recent movies and series, and the highest-grossing content.

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The closure of Series Blanco does not mean the end of free movies and series. Several alternative websites to Series Blanco like those mentioned are still available; Zonatorrent, Todo Torrents, Series Flix and more. 

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