Alternatives to Tomadivx | Tomadivx Alternatives

Alternatives to Tomadivx | Tomadivx Alternatives

What every Tomadivx user is looking for is to enjoy their favorite movies, series and programs for free and completely online. However, it appears that the original page is disabled. After all, this is a classic destination for the world of P2P downloads. For this reason, many Internet users wonder if there are alternatives to Tomadivx, if the site will be operational again or closed forever. Here we explain all this to you.

What happened to Tomadivx? Is it not working or closed permanently?

Tomadivx  is one of the most used websites to download movies and series through Torrent that became known for its varied and high-quality content. Now, a large part of loyal users of this website regret what could be its definitive closure. But did it close or stop working? Next, we reveal to you what really happened with this portal and what alternatives to Tomadivx you can use.

As usual, websites dedicated to free downloads of movies, series, programs, video games and more are constantly harassed by production companies and legal bodies. This is because these portals violate the laws that protect copyright. For this reason, pages such as the well-known todotorrent downloads or TodoTorrents, VeoTorrent , SkyTorrent , DonTorrent and others suffer continuous closures and have to change domains or be replaced by other portals. This already happened with Tomadivx, so today we leave you 7 of the best alternatives to Tomadivx.

7 Best Alternatives to Tomadivx

The web domain on which Tomadivx was born was closed or blocked by the Spanish authorities, since, as is well known, the Torrents site offered content protected by copyright. However, this website is now available again under different names, the most popular being

You can do a quick search on the Internet and try to access the Torrents page using their new web domains. However, it is not known until when this portal will remain available to the public. That said, we recommend knowing some of the alternatives to Torrentdivx that you can use in case it stops working again.


As a first alternative to Torrentdiv we want to recommend a fairly popular BitTorrent search engine, This website is capable of crawling hundreds of other portals on the Internet to see which of them have the Torrent file you need.

This way Torrends works has several advantages, the first is that you can access content from not just one but hundreds of content sources. On the other hand, it also expands your choice, since it allows you to choose between multiple sites that have the same Torrent depending on which one is safer, faster or offers better video quality, to give a few examples.

Great Torrent

Another of  the best websites to download movies and series via Torrent is, of course, On this portal you can find the best titles of all time, including, of course, the latest releases of the year.

Something quite interesting about this alternative to Tomadivx  is that they have a requests option, with which you can request that they add a movie or series that you are interested in watching. This way you know that they always take into account the opinions of their users.


At you can download the best movies and series in Spanish, Latin and English with subtitles through Torrent without restrictions. The best thing about this alternative website to Tomadivx is that it is quite well organized with sections for each type of content, the top titles and all film categories.

Also,  this website is very notable for the fact that it does not contain any advertising . As if this were not enough, they are also responsible for reviewing all the Torrents they promote to ensure that they do not contain viruses.


TorrentSeeker is another BitTorrent search engine that you can use as an alternative to  Tomadivx . It is a fairly simple website in which you enter a search term and you receive as a result all the Internet pages that match your query.

Like the previous option, this one does not include any type of advertising, however, they do not guarantee that the Torrents they track are safe. Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing from the search results you make sure that the site has a good reputation.

cliver is an excellent website recognized for offering free movies in high definition and from the best production companies today. In addition to this, they also have a more than striking interface that is typical of a serious service.

However, this alternative to Tomadivx has a couple of points against it . The first is that they do not allow downloads, so all the content must be viewed on the same website. On the other hand, their second disadvantage is that they use a lot of advertising, although this is not a major drawback if you have Adblock installed.


Now, returning to the sites with Torrent downloads,  is a somewhat newer and lesser-known source of free movies . However, this has not prevented it from providing such an excellent service as to be added to this list of the best alternatives to Tomadivx.

The points in favor of Pelispanda are, first, its elegant and well-organized interface that is almost free of advertising. Although its most valuable attribute is its varied and extensive film catalogue, made up of both classics and the latest releases.


Our last alternative website to Tomadivx is TorrentGalaxy, who have been active for several years and have a gigantic collection of Torrents with all types of content. From movies to games, anime, music, books, apps and much more, this website has everything you need.

The movies, series and other content on TorrentGalaxy are quite varied and of excellent quality, that is unquestionable. However, this website implements a more than excessive amount of advertising and that is why we placed it last.

As already noted, Tomadivx recovered from its blocking attempt after opening other web domains to its public . However, when the civil guard closes, it tries to close a site once and can do it twice, which is why the future of this portal is uncertain.

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Meanwhile, if you don’t want to run out of free movies and series to download through Torrent, we recommend  trying some of the alternatives to Tomadivx. Likewise, with this you will be able to access a greater number of titles and perhaps find new releases that were not available on this website.

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