Download FREE online movies 2024 with Estrenosgo | Alternatives to Estrenosgo

Download FREE online movies 2024 with Estrenosgo | Alternatives to Estrenosgo

This is a selection of the best sites to download movies online for free : Torrent, Direct, Streaming, etc., such as Estrenosgo and other alternatives to download your favorite movies here. Forward!

Best sites to download movies online for free

It is always important to have options to watch free movies online to watch on the weekends or in the week after a long day of work. Especially because going to the movies requires moving from your place of comfort and also represents an additional expense. That is why today we offer you some places to watch your favorite programming comfortably from your sofa.

Download movies online for free with Estrenosgo

Although the word spread that Estrenosgo has not worked since 2021,  the truth is that this platform still offers you the possibility of downloading movies online for free . In fact, you can download content and watch movies online for FREE in HD quality.

The site has been protected in many ways to continue offering users the possibility of downloading free movies and series. Since it has been threatened with being closed, it has set up several domains to be easily found. These domains are:, Estrenosgo.flux,,, etc.

You can use the files as a direct download or download torrents of movies and other content:

  • DVDRIP Movies
  • series
  • Subtitled movies
  • Software
  • Games
  • Music


Kanopy streaming and download services  offer a wide selection of high-quality movies . However, you can only see these if you have a local library system with a subscription. This means you must have a valid library account to log in.

That’s one more hoop you’ll have to jump through, but it’s worth it, considering the variety of movies they have available to watch online and download to your computer. Check either site to see if you can access them through your existing (free) library account.


PBS is home to shows like PBS Newshour, Antiques Roadshow, and This Old House. And certainly, many titles are reserved for paying subscribers, much of their online catalog is available online for free and to download whenever you want on your computer for later viewing.

The advantage before downloading the content is that it is possible to watch some episodes or preview the movie without having to subscribe. Therefore, this is reason enough to consider PBS an alternative to Estrenosgo to watch and download movies online for free.

Pluto TV

PlutoTV  is a free, ad-supported, hybrid live and on-demand TV streaming service that offers hundreds of channels you can scroll through to see “what’s on” with channels covering a wide variety of categories and genres, including a group showing countless episodes of a single show, from CSI, Doctor Who, Family Ties, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

It also has a decent-sized collection of movies and shows to stream on demand. The films are grouped by categories, including specific themes such as “LGBTQ Cinema” and “Summer of Popcorn Movies.” The service is owned by ViacomCBS, so much of the content mirrors what you’ll find on Paramount+.


Tubi  is a streaming site that offers movies and TV shows from several major studios. On the one hand, it offers desktop streaming limited to SD resolutions, but  it is possible to download to your computer with the resolution you prefer.

The wide range of titles includes Wild Things, Road to Perdition, American Hustle, and The Imitation Game, plus a ton of kids’ titles. In fact, it includes several lists of genres to help you navigate the large catalog, and there is even a dedicated section called “Not on Netflix” where you can find series that you cannot find on the famous streaming platform to download to your computer.

To view this website you will need to use a VPN or Opera, otherwise it will tell you that it is not available.


 The paid streaming service Vudu  offers you a completely free section with good content of famous movies. If you want to enjoy this programming, you must register on the platform to have a free account.

Although some titles are only available in SD, the service  offers you to choose from more than 5,400 movies to download to your computer or mobile device.

This site offers free online movies from the 80s and 90s (since the rights to supply them have become cheaper), as well as a lot of stuff you’ve never heard of before. But there are some gems including High-Rise with Tom Hiddleston and Mel Gibson’s well-reviewed exploitation vehicle Get the Gringo.

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These are just some options to watch free movies online , like Estrenosgo and other alternatives. However, there are many other sites. Here we leave you a link with the 21 best pages to watch free movies online and download free movies with Torrenst and alternatives.

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