Alternatives to Espaebook | Espaebook Alternatives

Alternatives to Espaebook | Espaebook Alternatives

You go to your favorite reading site,, hoping to read something entertaining and you are immediately redirected to pages that have nothing to do with literature. That’s where you start to wonder with some concern, what happened to this website? Has it closed or is it no longer working? Don’t worry, we are here to answer all your questions, reveal to you what happened to this web portal and suggest the best alternatives to Espaebook .

What happened to Espaebook? Is it not working or closed forever?

Reading lovers found Espaebook the ideal place to download books in EPUB, PDF or MOBI format for free. The public had around 70,000 books available for download in a few seconds and without the need for prior registration. All this, added to the varied ways of searching and the large number of genres and authors, made Espaebook one of the most famous virtual platforms for downloading digital books.

However, the page had some problems, even the large number of users accessing it caused it to be unavailable at certain times. In addition, the creators of the platform even asked for donations from their users to be able to maintain it. After that, although the exact reasons were not known, it was officially closed.

Thus, the authentic domain no longer exists , being replaced by other pages such as, which have nothing to do with the original platform, since downloads require payments by credit card. This type of closure is not new, it has already happened with other e-book download portals such as Lectulandia or Papyre FB2 , or with other free download platforms in general. Proof of this are DonTorrent , PCTNew and DownloadsMix .

Best alternatives to Espaebook

In mid-2019 Espaebook officially closed its services  , leaving its users dismayed. The reasons for this sudden closure are uncertain, in fact, there is no official explanation; What we can be sure of is that it was not a blockage due to legal issues, since this online library respected copyright to the letter.

Leaving aside the reasons for this closure, since there are no concise answers even from its owners, let’s look at some alternatives to Espaebook  with which you can continue reading ebooks totally free.


Secondly, we recommend trying, which would be Espaebook’s main competition. We are talking about one of the largest online libraries in Spanish; with up to 38,000 books completely free. The literature on this website has no limits; you can find works in any category you can imagine.

On the other hand, this alternative website to Espaebook supports various formats for downloading, mainly EPUB , PDF and MOBI. But the best thing about ePubLibre is that it does not pirate books from any writer, since all the content is created by its more than 14,000 collaborators.

We also recommend, a project just as valuable as the previous ones, although without many points that differentiate it. In this portal you will have access to almost 30,000 books of all genres: in PDF, Word, HTML, TXT, RTF, CHM, EPUB and EXE.

A good part of these books are in Spanish, although the majority were written in English. Taking this into account, this book download website  can be of help if you want to expand your mastery of a language by reading works written in it, which makes it another good alternative to Espaebook . alternative  to Espaebook is Bubok, an online bookstore that, unlike others, offers a large number of works in its inventory for free. An important attraction of this platform is that it allows users to publish their books for free. Furthermore, although it publishes mainly new authors, it also has works by renowned and famous authors.

Another advantage over other pages is that it respects copyright and only publishes those who transfer their work, which protects it from the main reason for the closure of this type of spaces on the web: legal problems related to intellectual property rights. .

Ebookmundo we have Ebookmundo, as it offers nearly 30,000 books that belong to various genres and authors. Downloads are free and users can choose the format they like best: PDF, MOBI, EPUB or FB2.

Other attractions are the ease of its design, which facilitates navigation for the reading public, and the availability of books in languages ​​other than Spanish. For all these reasons, Ebookmundo, without a doubt, is another excellent alternative to Espaebook .

Project Gutenberg

We have talked about this portal several times because of the great content it offers: Project Gutenberg ( is a free library of physical works transcribed into digital formats such as EPUB and Kindle. Currently, this website has more than 60,000 free books; all offered legally and generated by the community.

If you want to be part of the Gutenberg community, this website has a section for public discussion about adding and correcting books, among other things. Because of these interesting features, we place Project Gutenberg among the best alternatives to Espaebook .


The first and best alternative to this website is brought by its creators themselves, we are talking about, which was launched a few months after the closure of Espaebook as its official continuation. In this portal you can find all the titles that were available in the first version of said website, plus the new publications of course.

However, this platform could already be considered an unstable project, so to speak; If they closed once they can do it twice. For this reason, we recommend trying the other alternatives to Espaebook , to have a second online library in case it closes again.

Even so, it is not possible to access this website without the help of a VPN or browsers like Opera or Tron, so you will have to try them. has a simply phenomenal number of books to offer; more than 150,000 to date and counting. The books, although they are not usually by recognized authors, have impressive quality and can be quite entertaining and profound. For this and many other features we consider it an alternative to Espaebook that you cannot ignore.

Now, the only problem with eBiblioteca is that you can tell that they did not hire a great hosting service, since the page takes a long time to respond. However, the wonderful works published on this portal are worth any waiting time.

Unfortunately, to enter this website you have to enter through VPN , With Opera, Tron, etc. since the domain does work, and the content is even kept updated.

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We are sure that the alternatives to Espaebook listed above will help you after the closure of the said website. Thanks to these free online libraries, made for reading lovers, anyone can read wonderful works of all genres for zero costs.

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