Alternatives to VIDCORN | VIDCORN Alternatives

Alternatives to VIDCORN | VIDCORN Alternatives

If you have noticed that VIDCORN is blocked and no longer working in your region, there is no need to panic. Find out here all the alternatives to VIDCORN that allow you to watch series and  movies completely free and online . In fact, you can find on these sites content from classic and recent movies, the latest episodes of your favorite series, even in the best HD quality and without interruptions from advertisements.

What happened to VIDCORN? Is it not working or closed permanently?

VIDCORN, being a piracy site, has stopped broadcasting in many countries. This is due to the copyright protection that the Internet must carry out for all types of series and content that are linked from all these websites.

The fame it achieved due to its interesting catalog of movies and series, which it made available to its community for free, was the reason why it attracted the attention of the large paid streaming platforms and television channel operators. , who sought to denounce its operation not in accordance with broadcast rights regulations.

It is the same situation in which they find themselves, for example, Movidy . At best, VIDCORN will have only temporary or regional closures. However, other platforms with similar services have been seriously compromised by copyright claims and have closed permanently, such as Series Papaya and MegaDede .

7 Best Alternatives to VIDCORN

Therefore, given that at any time VIDCORN can be banned in its entirety or in your country , you must have other alternatives on hand that allow you to watch movies and series online without any problem.

White Series

SerieWhite  is known as one of the most similar alternatives to VIDCORN , although it has an advantage over it, by having a wide catalog of cinema content. Here you can delight your hours of relaxation and entertainment by finding a lot of series and documentary content, as well as a good movie section.

When compared to other Vidcorn alternatives, SerieWhite has a big advantage because it does not support ads at all , as it has a blocker for it. Additionally, the interface is very light, which helps the site load quite quickly ; just how the app works from the smartphone.

As for the disadvantages, we can say that  at any time you can be sanctioned and closed by the controllers of Internet sites. However, in this list you can find other alternatives.

Cat Series

To  see extensive content as you did on VIDCORN you can also access the Series Gato site completely free of charge.

In addition, here you can find good movie content in Latin, in case you are a fan of this type of transmissions. For this reason, and more, it is a very good alternative to VIDCORN .


Cuevana is another alternative to VIDCORN that has a good repertoire of content to watch classic movies and the latest releases. A notable advantage on this site is that you do not need to create an account to log in, nor provide any bank account or credit card information to access the content.  

Also, it goes without saying that  all content on this site can be viewed in Full HD quality. In addition to movies, you will also find documentaries and series for free online. And the best of all is that you can download them to see them later.

This site has been the victim of closures by Internet content controllers on numerous occasions. However, its creators change the domain regularly to avoid this type of inconvenience.


When it comes to finding an alternative to VIDCORN with an easy and comfortable interface to use to find any content, be it movies or series, Series24 is one of the most organized on our list for this.

This means that its structure allows you to search for movies by type, genre, year of release, popularity,  etc. It also has a section to find out the latest news and the ratings that users have given to the content. Additionally, it offers HD quality with resolution up to 1080p, which allows you to enjoy a good image.

As for the disadvantages, the platform offers a design that is not very illustrative, but that does not affect its quality and variety of content.


Allpeliculas has also had to change domains on different occasions; but this link works fine for the moment,  to bring you fun and entertainment just like VIDCORN.

Allpeliculas offers you extensive content in feature films and movies, as well as series and anime for fans of this type of content. Like other similar sites, Allpeliculas also has an application for Android phones that has nothing to envy of Netflix’s look and feel. Additionally, it offers quality content in HD and Full HD to delight its users.

The only downside is that you may see more ads than on other sites and to avoid shutdowns, you may be changing domains frequently.


Inkaseries  is another interesting alternative to VIDCORN  that allows you to watch free online movies and old and modern series. Its interface, in addition to being elegant, is also very easy to use, since you only need to go to the browser and open the site to start enjoying all its free content.

Although, compared to other alternatives to VIDCORN, Inkaseries  is not that popular, but it offers many options to watch free movies.

As for the disadvantages, it must be said that this portal has many advertisements and is also prone to receiving malware.


VIDCORN can also be replaced by  PELICULATOR , a fantastic site that offers a good repertoire of movies and series online. However, this portal is more recommended if you like content in Latin Spanish. If you prefer in English you also have them, but with subtitles.

Additionally, here you can also download your movies with these English subtitles. As for its interface, although it is too simple, it is very easy to use and has a good repertoire of recent and most popular movies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I continue using Vidcorn?

Due to international anti-piracy legislation, they decided to ban the services of said website, so it is no longer possible to access its content or links.

Why VIDCORN doesn’t work?

It is not that they have stopped working voluntarily, it is that the authorities have blocked traffic to their website and finally their domain has fallen. Luckily you can find many alternatives on this website.

Although all of these alternatives to VIDCORN are really great, be sure to check out these 21 pages to watch movies online for free, where you can also find a good number of series and more content for entertainment.

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