Alternatives to EZTV | EZTV Alternatives

Alternatives to EZTV | EZTV Alternatives

EZTV has apparently closed, so users are looking for some alternatives. The reason is that this portal became one of the most popular torrent sites, but recently its domain disappeared from the network for a long time. This has led users to find out about other sites that can offer the same benefits.

Let’s remember that EZTV is one of the largest torrent sites in the world, but it is not in the top five. However, this resource most likely ranks significantly higher than it appears in the ratings or traffic statistics.

This platform works with torrent search engines, which allow you to find materials from several torrent trackers at the same time. In fact, EZTV is second only to RARBG in terms of the number of torrents available through them.  

What happened to EZTV? Is it not working or closed permanently?

Recently, the situation with the blocking of torrent sites regarding their domains has worsened again, and EZTV was also affected , so it had to change its main domain. Fortunately, today, torrent platform owners have learned to think ahead and prepare backup URLs in advance.

At first glance, everything is simple, but in fact, this situation is used by unscrupulous competitors or scammers, who create fake mirrors and place their content and ads in them.

TuMejorTorrent , VeoTorrent , SkyTorrent , TodoTorrents and PCTNew had the same problems , and were closed. Having such a background, possibly at some point, it may turn out that all EZTV proxies do not work. This can happen if all domains on the torrent site are blocked globally or stop working. In this case, searching for new proxies will be pointless and you will have to work with a decent alternative to EZTV.

7 Best Alternatives to EZTV

There are at least 25 torrent sites out there, but not all of them are like EZTV. The best alternative should contain as many movie torrents as possible and have a large number of users. The more users a torrent site has, the faster the files will be downloaded and the more new products and movies there will be in high quality.

Therefore, here we mention 7 torrent sites that are the best EZTV replacements currently.

The Pirate Bay in the  Top 3 largest torrent sites , The Pirate Bay  is considered one of the best alternatives to EZTV and any torrent website  on any topic. Like UYAYAM, this portal has an extensive torrent database of video files of all topics and genres. With The Pirate Bay, you can watch the latest TV and movie releases, access golden movie collections, and much more. 

This page was founded in 2003 and since then it has earned a favorite place on the web. For this reason, more than 28 million users visit the portal every month , who are attracted by the more than one million torrents of all types: movies, software, games, e-books, etc.

The Pirate Bay, like EZTV, went through a period of active warfare against torrent sites in 2016-2018, retaining a torrent base and audience.

YIFY/YTS platform was founded in 2010 and  has four times the traffic of EZTV. It contains more than a million torrents, mainly about movies, and more than 65 million users visit it per month. This is not because it has more and better video materials, but because it is much more comfortable to work with.

In terms of functionality, YIFY/YTS is similar to a streaming site. It is very convenient to search for the necessary movies, the results of which are represented with large previews. There is also brief information: name and year.

In fact, YIFY is the most convenient alternative to EZTV today. 

1337X large and popular platform was founded in 2008 and averages more than 45 million monthly visits. On the portal you will find files about movies, music, software, games, TV shows and some only for adults.

Additionally, another virtue of 1337X is that it attracts those who use Top 100 lists. The site has not one, but several such lists on different topics. For all of the above, in terms of popularity, 1337X is ahead of EZTV , and in terms of the number of torrents, more than a million, and seeds, almost the same. Finally, it is also important to mention that 1337X has links to other good large torrent sites, in case you cannot find the necessary shared files.


https://rarbg.toIn some ways, RARBG  is even more convenient than EZTV. For example, it has a functional menu on the left where you can quickly select the movie category. It also has torrent directories for music, software and games. In addition, it has content from movies, TV shows and more. That is why, despite being founded in 2008, it is still considered one of the best pages in the medium, receiving more than 35 million visitors per month.

However, the most interesting thing about RARBG is hidden, just like in EZTV. It is the #1 platform for torrent search engines . At least 30% of all materials that can be found through them are downloaded through RARBG.

The downside of RARBG is the excessive amount of advertising. It is not uncommon when 2-3 clicks on the same link lead to the opening of browser tabs with ads. Additionally, the site regularly requests captcha.

Nyaa next recommendation was founded in 2005 and until today receives a large number of visitors, more than 40 million per month who search among the more than 300 thousand anime-themed files.

That’s right, the sites above have torrent content similar to EZTV; but,  if you are an anime lover, feel free to switch to Nyaa, even if EZTV doesn’t work  on this particular one for you. There is no more extensive collection of anime-themed material than Nyaa. This is the reason why it is a torrent site considered as a specialized space that presents Japanese cartoons in various languages, anime music, images and other content on this topic.

LimeTorrents was founded in 2009 and receives over 66 million visits per month . It is considered the fourth largest torrent portal that makes download links for music files, ebooks, movies, software and much more available to its loyal audience. This is because it does not save the files, but only offers the links, but of more than 10 million active torrents under the BitTorrent system.

Additionally, users can add comments to sources and the system records their status. In this way, a community is created that reduces the possibility of encountering insecure files. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is one of the best alternatives to EZTV .

Torrentz2 website began operations in 2003 and still maintains a good number of users, registering more than 5 million monthly visits. Although it does not receive as much traffic as the previous ones, it is still a good replacement for EZTV due to its minimalist but very effective interface design and lack of random ads. Just type the search term and the system will find among many torrent sites to make all the enabled options available to the user.

In addition, Torrentz2 is considered the best torrent site for music, since on this page you can purchase everything from the most famous performers, songs and albums to the lesser known ones. A platform that you should not miss in the field and review its best options .

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As we have mentioned, EZTV has not closed, and it is unlikely because it has a large number of its own torrents. However, in case some of the official proxy servers are not working, it is possible to access some of these alternatives to EZTV  that we have mentioned.

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