Alternatives to OpenLoad | OpenLoad Alternatives

Alternatives to OpenLoad | OpenLoad Alternatives

OpenLoad was a famous website where you could exchange files for movies, series, Internet television shows , games and more, which was closed in 2019 due to copyright infringements. If you were a loyal user of this website and now want to find some alternatives to OpenLoad and other options, you came to the right article. Today, we list some websites that offer similar services.

What happened to OpenLoad? Is it not working or closed permanently?

On the web there are many pages that offer the service of streaming and downloading movies online. Although the site did not violate the rules itself, much of the content considered illegal was uploaded by the users themselves. As time went by, such pirated content increased. At one point, the website seems to have received many complaints regarding copyright in streaming movies, downloading games and so on. Therefore, today if we try to enter we will find that the domain does not work.

Something like this should not surprise us. In fact, it is very common on websites dedicated to free online downloads of movies , series streaming, access to video games, sports streaming, etc. Clear examples of this are VeoTorrent , Series Papaya (one of the best in online series compilation), InterGoles or Divx a Tope . However, be careful, because today we bring you replacements and alternatives to OpenLoad.

7 Best Alternatives and Substitutes to OpenLoad

Services like OpenLoad still exist by the hundreds on the Internet. Today we recommend 7 of the best, where you can both upload all types of files and view and download what other people publish. That said, the websites and platforms we mention below may serve as alternatives to OpenLoad in the event of the closure of this website.


If you are looking for a new platform to upload files, Streamable is your best alternative to OpenLoad . This website offers you a place to save your videos, as well as the possibility of sharing them through links.

To start, you just have to access its official website at and create an account, which will not take you more than 5 minutes. Best of all, you can start using this service with a free plan, and whenever you want, you can improve the features by contracting a larger subscription.

Popcorn Time

On the other hand, if you are more interested in being able to download free content and not in publishing it, Popcorn Time can also serve as an alternative to OpenLoad . It is a mobile and computer application, in which thousands of movies and series from the best production companies of this century are transmitted.

You can download this app from its official website, and enjoy a fairly varied catalog in high resolution. It should be noted that this platform works with very little advertising, which is a great point in its favor.


Another alternative to upload videos and share them with anyone is This tool almost needs no introduction, Dropbox allows you to safely save any type of file in the cloud; When you wish, you can generate a link with which to give third parties access to your content.

Like Streamable, this alternative to OpenLoad gives you the option to start with a completely free plan, and if at any time you require more storage, you can contract one of the premium versions.


A great option to download free movies are Torrent websites, such as In addition to this, in this fourth alternative to OpenLoad you can also download TV shows, anime, music, games, apps and much more.

Limetorrents offers an immense catalog of Torrents, with more than a thousand pages of download files in the movie section alone. On the other hand, this website is characterized by almost no advertising, except for some false links in the download sections with which you should be careful.


At you have thousands of super-exclusive titles at your disposal that you thought only Netflix, Disney or Amazon Prime Video offered. Its content is divided into three main categories: movies, series and anime , and it should be noted that all are shown in exceptional audiovisual quality.

The only negative thing about this and the next alternative to OpenLoad is that they do not allow you to download movies and series. However, being able to view them from the same web page should be more than enough.


Our last item on this list of OpenLoad alternatives is a website to watch free movies, series and anime, On this portal you can enjoy varied and updated content, including the latest releases of the year.

In addition to this, PelisPlus stands out for having a very well-designed and organized interface, in which you can filter the content by category, publication date, among others. However, this last website includes a lot of advertising, so we recommend installing an ad blocker before accessing it.

https://www.flashx.tvAn excellent OpenLoad substitute and alternative is This is a website that allows you to watch videos through a very extensive catalog. What is true is that  it takes time to update its content.

Registration is completely free, but to stay up it uses a lot of advertising that can be somewhat annoying.

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Just because OpenLoad has closed does not mean that free movies and series are over. There are still many other websites that provide access to similar features and content; On this occasion we take some of them as examples to create this top of alternatives to OpenLoad .

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