Alternatives to MegaDede | MegaDede Alternatives

Alternatives to MegaDede | MegaDede Alternatives

Before its sudden closure in 2020, Megadede was one of the main portals for free entertainment for movie lovers. However, its varied catalog is no longer available, so many Internet users looking for free online movies or series are looking for other options. Why have they decided to close so suddenly and what are the alternatives to Megadede ? We tell you everything below.

Megadede was a platform that allowed you to watch movies and series online totally free. This streaming service had a very extensive catalog and the most recent releases. All you had to do was create a username and password and you could enjoy its entire film library.

The website remained current based on the advertising that was inside. While these ads may have been annoying, they were not invasive and had a large number of worthwhile titles.

What happened to Megadede? Is it not working or closed permanently?

Portals like Megadede are constantly threatened for violating copyright laws. Therefore, it was inevitable that at some point it would close, especially due to the constant complaints it received from the producers and owners of the rights to a certain film or tape.

We have already seen similar cases on portals such as ExVagos , Hispashare or Series Danko . However, for your good luck there are always alternatives and substitutes to Megadede. In this post we bring them to you fully functional and updated.

7 Best Alternatives to Megadede

After the Pordede and Plusdede projects failed, the Megadede platform seemed like the definitive creation for watching movies and series. However, this project also had to be closed, since it began to attract the attention of many entities that are against piracy of multimedia material.

For this reason, it will no longer be possible to enjoy this great pirated movies and series website . Although, on the other hand, you can still count on many alternative websites to Megadede , one of them was even founded by the former owners of this project.


The definitive alternative to Megadede is proposed by the former owners and managers of this same website. This is Playdede, a platform for free movies and series, where the title and design capture the essence of the now defunct Megadede.

Its current domain is and there you can find a website with a fresh and intuitive design, a movie catalog updated every month and the same excellence that characterized Megadede. Its only drawback is that on this new platform the founders made it mandatory for users to register before being able to access the content section.


Now, among the alternatives to Megadede and possible replacements from other developers, one of the most important options is This website is well known for having countless titles to offer, among which are some quite entertaining installments that appear on platforms such as Netflix.

Another advantage of Repelisplus is that they use advertising in a way that is quite respectful of the user; Its interface is not full of ads or fake links and it does not throw pop-ups either.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an application for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux, in which movies and series are streamed completely free of charge. It is one of the platforms that has most effectively managed to circumvent copyright rights to offer content to its users.

In this alternative to Megadede you can find series and movies from all production companies regardless of whether they have rights or not. This is thanks to the fact that it downloads all its content from BitTorrent  files available on Torrent  trackers such as YTS.


Pelis123 has lost fame after changing domains to avoid censorship. Despite this, they continue to offer a great service on their new domain This replacement  for Megadede gives you free access to exclusive movies and series that you may have missed seeing on the big screen.

Also, Pelis123 has a fairly complete interface in which the most notable titles of each genre are displayed. Added to this is a minimal use of advertising that you can also block without problems if you use Adblock.


A lesser-known website, but certainly worth trying, is On this platform you can find both movies and series and television shows, as well as the latest releases on the big screen.

Its only problem is that, like many other websites of this style, PelisOnline generates many pop-ups with annoying advertising. Even so, you can use it without problems if you have an ad and pop-up blocker. 

Gato Series

The last alternative to Megadede that we propose today is the website. On this web portal you can get hours of entertainment, whether enjoying its series, its movies or its television programs.

Its only negative point is that some series on this platform are incomplete , so you should look at the number of episodes that the page indicates in front of the cover of each season; in order to ensure that it is complete and that you can fully enjoy the content.


“Your online cinema 24 hours a day.” This is how this excellent website for watching movies and a great alternative to Megadede is promoted . has a fairly striking and friendly interface, although a fairly notable problem is that its page launches many pop-ups with annoying advertising.

However, their content catalog is more than acceptable, since they have a wide variety of movies and series to offer. Likewise, the content is always of high quality as it is available in various resolutions and languages. 

It is likely that much of the traffic that Megadede had will be inherited by its successor Playdede. After all, this new portal retains its essence and ideals, since it was founded by the former owners of Megadede.

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On the other hand, also many other alternative platforms to Megadede from other developers, such as Popcorn Time, Repelisplus and Series Gato are also and will continue to gain popularity after Megadede goes out of business.

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