CineTux: How to watch movies and series online 100% FREE

CineTux: How to watch movies and series online 100% FREE

CineTux is a website where you can watch and download your favorite movies and series online, totally free and in HD quality. It has a fairly extensive catalog with recent releases and from past years, although its focus is mainly oriented towards big screen productions, television programs are rare among its options.

Although the platform faced a few months of closure during 2019, since 2021 and until today it has been active and works perfectly, it has even included several completely new services, such as the possibility of downloading through an APK on devices. Android mobiles.

With this new opportunity to enjoy your favorite streaming content from your computer or mobile device, CineTux has become much more popular than before. Keep reading and find out how to watch movies and series on this platform online and for free.

Complete guide on how to watch movies and series on CineTux

Learning to use CineTux is not complicated at all, it is a Streaming platform similar to most of the ones you can find on the internet. In this small guide we will explain everything you need to know to get the most out of it. 

How does CineTux work?

The way CineTux works is very similar to other similar pages. When you enter the main page, the first thing you will see will be the posters of the movies and series that have recently been published and that are still trending.

If none of the titles you are looking for are found on the CineTux home page, you can scroll to the right side of the screen, where there is a drop-down list of typical genres such as fantasy, horror, comedy, romance and more. If you know what genre the movie you are looking for belongs to, you just have to click on the corresponding option.

The main menu of this website is located in a small bar at the top of the screen, which corresponds to:

  • Dramas: where you will be redirected to a platform where all the content is movies and novels of Asian origin.
  • Tutorials: here they offer you information from the official CineTux blog on how to download content from this and other popular platforms.
  • Reports: it is a section where you can easily and quickly search for comments made by other users about the content offered by the platform.
  • DCMA: a section where you are told about the reasons why CineTux does not violate any copyright regulations , and therefore it is not an illegal portal.

CineTux main features

This website has many impressive features, which have played an important role in its current popularity, these are some of the most relevant:

  • It has a very large list of movies from all eras.
  • It allows you to view its content online or download it to view it without an internet connection.
  • Its interface is simple, fast, fluid and very intuitive.
  • Although it does not have a particularly striking design, it is enough for its users to feel satisfied.
  • All titles are available in Latin Spanish, Castilian and subtitled.
  • It allows you the possibility of sharing the content viewed on social networks.
  • Searches are optimized by multiple filters for greater ease.
  • It has a user rating system, as well as anonymous comments or comments through social networks to make your opinion known.
  • Allows you to enjoy content from your computer and mobile devices.
  • All published films and series have a descriptive sheet with a lot of information about it.
  • It offers you various download and online links so you can choose one that suits your internet connection.

Watch movies and series on CineTux

Watching series and movies online and for free on CineTux is very simple.

  • To view the content of the website online you only need to enter the official CineTux website.
  • Go to the search engine located at the top right and write the title in question.
  • Click on the poster or the Watch Movie button for the one you want to see.
  • Then choose if you want to see it translated into Spanish, Latin Spanish or with subtitles. Enter the corresponding link and press Play.
  • After this, all you have to do is enjoy a good time.

Download movies and series on CineTux

If what you want is to download the content from the platform for free to see it another time even if you do not have an internet connection, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the official CineTux website.
  • From the search engine, choose the movie or series you want to watch and click on its poster.
  • Then click on the Links option and then on Download.
  • There you will see a list with links indicating language, quality and how long ago it was added. Choose the one that suits what you are looking for.
  • It will take a few seconds for a new page to load. Once there, click on Continue, then on the link indicated and all you have to do is wait for the file to download to your computer.

Download CineTux APK

The CineTux application is not available in the Play Store and it is not possible to install it on an iOS device. But if you have an Android Smartphone or Tablet, you can search for the APK and have it on your mobile.

Before starting the download you must go to the device settings, enter the security option and from there activate allowing unknown sources. Once this is done, you just have to look for a download link from the platform’s official website and that’s it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I access CineTux?

Currently the domain is down, so for now we will have to wait to see if they release a clone of said website or use one of the alternative movie and series websites .


Without a doubt, CineTux is one of the best portals to watch Straming content online for free through almost any device. Despite having some limitations such as not working on AppleTV, Kodi or Roku, it is still an excellent option. Although it has a little advertising, it is not aggressive or excessive.

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