Alternatives to Pelis24. Has it closed or is it no longer working?

Alternatives to Pelis24. Has it closed or is it no longer working?

What happened with was not a host crash or a code error, but something more common. Said web domain was blocked by the authorities, because much of the content offered on it was protected by copyright. But no need to worry, below we list the best alternatives to Pelis24 .

What happened to Pelis24? Is it not working or closed permanently?

Pelis24 is a very popular website that offers us downloads of movies and series completely free. In exchange, it only uses non-invasive advertising to stay on its feet. However, we all know that this content is protected by copyright. Therefore, its free distribution causes many of these portals to be persecuted and closed.

Something similar happened in the case of HispaShare , sports streaming sites like DailySports , or torrent download websites like VeoTorrent or DonTorent . However, we can happily say that Pelis24 still works , although no longer on its old domain. Now it uses the .app extension, but it is not always available, so it is interesting to know alternatives or options to Pelis24.

7 best alternatives to Pelis24

It should be noted that the famous site for watching free movies was recently available again, now under the domain of Despite this, when authorities close a web portal once, it is likely that they will do it again; even if the site changes its domain extension.

For this reason, and in favor of the variety of content, we recommend knowing some of the alternatives to Pelis24 . Now, there are many websites that offer free movies and series , but few have such excellence and kinship with Pelis24, among some similar ones the following stand out:

There is no website more similar to Pelis24, in terms of quality of content and interface, than (now under the domain). This web portal offers movies, series, documentaries, music and anime; without counting on the extensive lists of content for each film genre.

They also have special content sections, for example, the premieres and Netflix sections . However, the highlight of, and why it is a great Pelis24 alternative , is its variety of content; On this website you can enjoy a seemingly inexhaustible number of movies and series and among them, the most exclusive titles on paid platforms are included.

Quality cinema

Cine Calidad is one of the most popular sites to watch and download free movies . Its always updated content, in high resolution and in Spanish, earns it the position of second best alternative to Pelis24 .

Another advantage of this service is that they allow you to download movies through various services, among which: BitTorrent, Mega and 1fichier. It should be noted that Cine Calidad currently operates under the name, since its previous web domain was reported.

At you can see the best, enjoy both the best premieres and the best classics, since they are constantly working to include fresh content; without despising the great films of the last century.

The only negative thing about this alternative website to Pelis24 is that they have more advertising than acceptable, however, it is nothing that cannot be overcome with an ad blocker. more recent website, but one that is increasingly taking center stage, is This fourth alternative to Pelis24 stands out for its high-quality content and because it is always up to date with new releases. Likewise, it is notable that they have a fairly well-crafted interface, with an elegant design and everything well classified by different categories; similar to the Pelis24 website.

Peliculas Pro is another excellent alternative to Pelis24. The main page already shows a varied catalog that presents at the top the most recent releases and the most popular or trending films and series. Just by hovering your cursor over it you will have a brief description of each one.

The best thing is that it is interactive, since visitors can leave comments on each tape and review related content very easily.


https://pelis-123.orgFinally, is a website created with the idea of ​​allowing anyone to watch the best movies in Spanish or English with subtitles. As another point in its favor, on this website all the movies have a resolution equal to or greater than Full HD, just what the most demanding people are looking for.

Repelis the best online movie pages is Repelis. This portal does not ask you to register, but as soon as you enter you can watch or download your favorite movies completely free of charge. In addition, its catalog is one of the most complete you can find.

What is true is that advertising can be somewhat annoying. However, movies in high quality, with excellent audio and even subtitles make it well worth it.

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Faithful Pelis24 users will be able to continue enjoying this great website on its new domain with the “.app” extension. However, it is impossible to know for sure whether the authorities will not try to block it again.

Whether you want to know a second option in case Pelis24 closes again or you are simply looking to vary your content, you can start by trying the alternatives to Pelis24 that we list in this article.

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