Alternatives to TodoTorrents. Has it closed or is it no longer working?

Alternatives to TodoTorrents. Has it closed or is it no longer working?

TodoTorrents was a wonderful website where you could download movies or series  using the BitTorrent network. Unfortunately, this platform was closed; However, there are some alternatives to TodoTorrents available today that pursue the same objectives as the web portal.

What happened to TodoTorrents? Is it not working or closed permanently?

One of the main platforms for downloading movies or series was TodoTorrents, to the point of being at one point the number one among Spanish users, above other well-known ones. The great image quality it offered, as well as the simple interface that made it easy to navigate through its catalog, made it famous among Internet users.

Contrary to what one may believe, it was precisely its success that determined the authorities to seek to close it for infringing copyright. The temporary closures finally led to its definitive closure, eliminating its content and depriving the public of one of its favorite spaces. It is not new, this is the path that other pages for downloading movies or series through Torrent have followed such as Divx a tope , MejorenVO , VeoTorrent and DiseñosMix .

However, before continuing, it is worth saying that there is a project called, which, as you may notice, copies the name of this website. We have no way of confirming whether the portal is genuine, so we leave this to the users’ judgment.

7 best alternatives to TodoTorrents

The Internet police have closed TodoTorrent, but you surely want to continue downloading the best movies and series on the Internet . We know the websites that can help you with this; The following are some alternatives to TodoTorrent that also allow you to download their content through BitTorrent.

The Pirate Bay

La Bahía Pirata or The Pirate Bay is a famous website created in 2003, where you can find practically any Torrent available on the Internet . It works like a search engine, similar to Google , but allows you to crawl multiple websites looking for a Torrent file you need.

As you might expect, this website has been shut down several times, they don’t call themselves pirates for nothing. Currently, you can find them on the domain Here you can download everything: videos, audios, movies, series, applications, games and much more.

You will probably need a VPN to access the current Thepiratebay domain, since in some countries its access has been banned by Internet companies.


Another great alternative website to TodoTorrents  is YTS, which is dedicated exclusively to publishing movies . On this page you will find the best titles of the last decade, since they have been active since 2011; Likewise, there will never be a shortage of the most recent releases of the year.

However, if you are worried about advertising, it is better to install AdBlock before entering, as this is the biggest drawback of this website. On the other hand, it is worth saying that YTS has always been noted for its 4K resolution movies and its small file sizes .

1337x is a well-known website for downloading Torrents , it offers content of all kinds : movies, TV, games, music, apps, anime, documentaries, files for adults, among many others. Likewise, it implements a search engine with which you can check if they have what you want to download.

We recommend as one of the best alternatives to TodoTorrents due to its large amount and variety of content. During its more than 14 years of experience, this website  has created one of the most complete Torrent directories on the entire Internet .

Like many other websites, you will need to use Opera with its VPN to access it if you live in Spain, for other countries it seems to work perfectly.


In EliteTorrent you can find the Torrents of the best titles in Spanish, Latin and subtitled English, so you won’t have to deal with having downloaded an entire series in the wrong language.

On the other hand, a big advantage of is that it has very little advertising. In addition to this, this alternative to TodoTorrents has movies and series in very high definition and in different file formats, such as DVDRip, BRRip or HDTV.


On the other hand, if you are much more interested in anime than any other form of content, is the Torrent website for you. Thanks to this alternative to TodoTorrents you can download movies, series, applications and video games (all related to anime in some way).

Likewise, in Nyaa you can find content from all existing anime categories and also add your own Torrents by clicking Upload.

LimeTorrents is characterized by offering an infinite number of Torrent files and being a trustworthy and reputable website. The content of this alternative to TodoTorrents is divided into movies, TV shows, music, games, apps and anime; although you can also find many other forms of content.

The negative thing about LimeTorrents is that they show a lot of banners and launch a lot of pop-ups, in addition to posting fake download links. With this in mind, it is advisable to install an ad blocker so you do not have to deal with so many advertisements. 


Last but not least, we have; a quite famous web portal to download movies, series and music through Torrent. All the content on this alternative website to TodoTorrents is in Spanish and is, of course, free.

Whatever film genre you are looking for, at Infomaniakos you will find the best titles in all categories, including the latest releases . As if that were not enough, you will not have to deal with annoying banners and pop-ups either, since this website does not contain any advertising.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TodoTorrents?

TodoTorrents is a website where you could download movies and series through BitTorrent . It achieved fame at the time, becoming one of the users’ favorites.

How does TodoTorrents work? Why is it so well known?

TodoTorrents was a P2P torrent movie and series website, a method that facilitates the circulation and transfer of files . The platform had a catalog in which content could be filtered according to language, genre or quality . In addition, they constantly improved the portal, so that new release movies could be accessed in better quality.

What happened to TodoTorrents?

Because it  infringed copyright , the TodoTorrents website received constant complaints, until it finally reported that it was closing its operations permanently .

Is TodoTorrents available again?

As we have already noted, the official TodoTorrents page was closed . However, currently a website has appeared that emulates it, even in the name : . There has been no official statement that allows us to say with certainty that the page is back; but you can navigate it, if you wish. However, remember that clones with new domains is a strategy used by people who only want to access your personal data and your credit card data, so you must take the necessary precautions.

Therefore, to give you peace of mind, we suggest you take into account the seven pages that we have recommended in this article.

Are pages like TodoTorrents safe for downloading series and movies?

Some users still have doubts about whether downloading series and movies through Torrents means putting our computers at risk. However, this is not so. Downloading through this system is not equivalent to suffering from laptop infection by viruses, malware and other threats . We must not forget that platforms like TodoTorrent seek to provide a status of the links or files they have, so their downloads do not entail these problems.

The only possible drawback is the number of ads that appear while browsing until you reach the download. However, remember that this is normal for a website of this type. In any case, if you don’t want to wait and prefer to block ads, you can choose to use one of the methods that currently exist on the web.

Thanks to the aforementioned websites you will have alternatives that you can use after the closure of TodoTorrents. Additionally, now you have more than one option at your disposal to download the best movies and series through Torrent , among other types of content. Therefore, we hope that these websites will be useful to you and provide you with countless hours of entertainment. You can also check our alternatives to TorrentZ2 or options to TuMejorTorrent .

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