Alternatives to SkyTorrent | SkyTorrent Alternatives

Alternatives to SkyTorrent | SkyTorrent Alternatives

If you have recently wanted to visit SkyTorrents, you have surely noticed that nothing remains of this page but an empty web domain. Apparently, as with many other websites that have closed in the same way, there is nothing left but to resort to the most famous SkyTorrents alternatives . But first, what exactly happened with this platform?

You surely know that SkyTorrents was a website famous for offering free movies and series , taking advantage of the BitTorrent protocol to circumvent copyright law. Although, as is known, offering other people’s content without having a distribution license is illegal, whether it is done through Torrents or through any other Internet protocol. This is why SkyTorrents was closed in 2018 by the Civil Guard and can no longer be accessed.

What happened to Sky Torrents? Is it not working or closed permanently?

One of the problems with websites that are dedicated to uploading free movies, series and video games and allowing them to be downloaded via torrent is that sooner or later they will receive complaints from the production companies for violating copyright. This already happened with Series Danko , VeoTorrent , DonTorrents and Megadede . What happens is that these sites earn income through advertising that accompanies downloads.

Given this, the owners of the rights denounce this action, so that the closure is imminent. This has already happened with SkyTorrents, which today has closed permanently for copyright crimes. However, be careful, because today we present 7 alternatives and substitutes to Skytorrent that will surely help you.

5 Best Alternatives to SkyTorrent

Now, after the sudden closure of the platform, you may be wondering what other Torrent websites can you use? For this reason, below you will find a list of alternative pages to SkyTorrents that fulfill a similar function and allow you to access the same content.


If you were looking for the definitive alternative to sky torrent  , you will find it at It’s a somewhat similar-looking website, displaying a list of BitTorrent  files for each content category, which are: movies, TV, music, games, software, amines, and e-books.

Torlock also has a tag header in which you can filter movies by film genre or directly find the most searched titles on the platform. Lastly, this great website is quite well known for its catalog of content; full of premieres, as well as film classics.


On the other hand, at you can find a more modern-looking site, with a friendly interface and full of features. The best thing about this web portal is that it is always up to date with the latest releases from major production companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Another great advantage of this alternative to SkyTorrent is that all its Torrents are of high quality. That is, they always maintain the resolution between HD and 4K and the audio of each movie can be in Spanish or Latin.


When it comes to downloading Torrent files, a highly recommended option is the BitTorent search engines. A great example of this type of page is

What makes sites like DirtyTorrents special is that they scan a large number of platforms in search of the movie or series you want to watch. We recommend you do a search on this SkyTorrents alternative , since you will get dozens of results from different portals and you will be able to select the one that seems most convenient to you.

Latin Torrent is a movie and series page whose main characteristic is that the content always has audio in Latin Spanish. In addition to this, we consider it one of the great alternatives to SkyTorrent , since it has very varied content that is updated every month.

In itself, Torrent Latino is a website that includes very little advertising and maintains a fairly friendly and elegant interface. But if you want to further improve your experience as a user of this service and completely eliminate the appearance of banners, you have the option to become a VIP. 


Finally, we present another great BitTorrent search engine that can serve as an alternative to SkyTorrents ; This is It is a website that, due to its appearance, would not attract much attention nor appear to be very useful. However, Toorgle allows you to search over 450 Torrent sites at once.

For the more BitTorrent techies out there, this web spider has indexed over 55 billion files. Thanks to this, you have a greater chance of finding any complete movie or series you want to watch in a single search.

– NOT AVAILABLE is not a torrent website itself, but rather a metasearch engine that redirects to them. It does not analyze files, but rather offers them from all Internet sites. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the comments of other users to know that it is a good download.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and all the results are well organized. You just have to write the name of what you are looking for and the site will show you various alternatives.

KickassTorrents a great history behind it, only comparable to Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents offers one of the most complete catalogs to download movies and series , even when they are new or have just come out. You can sort content according to date, size, seeds, etc., and warn you if you don’t access it using a VPN.

The best thing is that you have unlimited and totally free access to all the movies found in its library. Although it has suffered constant closures, it still has important titles that can be downloaded quickly and smoothly.

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There will probably never be a website like SkyTorrents again, just as its movie and series databases will be lost forever. However, free cinema does not end with this web portal.

That is why today we compile a list of other quite famous platforms that can serve as alternatives to SkyTorrents . Torlock, DirtyTorrents and Torrent Latino are some of the websites that we found most similar to said portal that was closed by the authorities.

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