Alternatives to Bajui | Bajui Alternatives

Alternatives to Bajui | Bajui Alternatives

Bajui has some useful alternatives on the Internet that we can offer you  to download Torrent music, given that this page has closed or no longer works due to being a victim of groups that work to protect copyright. In this sense, here we offer you a list of interesting alternatives to Bajui.

Has Bajui closed or is it no longer operating?

Bajui is a platform to download and share Top music with other users that has been very popular since 2017. However, according to its owners from the Elitewebs group, this site has been a victim of copyright persecution on the Internet, and Therefore, it has been closed.

Bajui managed to capitalize on an extensive catalog of music through the innovative P2P Torrents technology. This catalog was also updated periodically, which also allowed users to find the music they were looking for.

Its technology was also a bridge for Bajui to establish itself as one of the main alternative services to iTunes or Spotify , which was also free.

In this way, it is now part of the hundreds of Internet sites to download Torrent that have been banned on the Internet. This is why many users have found it necessary to find other alternatives to Bajui.

5 Alternatives to Bajui

Given that many pages like Bajui have also been victims of sanctions and closures, we find it necessary to do a good search for alternatives to Bajui so that you can use them immediately. In fact, many of them have only changed their domain. to continue providing the same service.

Of course, this does not mean that in the future, these pages will also close. But we will provide this information to you through our site, just as we have done with all the sites that are no longer in operation today.

The site is the unofficial successor of the defunct group YTS or YIFY, which closed a few years ago. But today it remains active with the same content that  has led to its popularity for Torrent downloads , so you can use it as an alternative to Bajui.

YTS has been the subject of several lawsuits in the US over the past year, generating quite a bit of controversy. The new YTS has a consistent user base, but mainly with many new titles in terms of movies and music that are updated daily through verified links to be downloaded.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay remains one of the most popular sites for downloading Torrents , both music, movies and other content.

The site has been closed on several occasions, but has managed to maintain its strong audience and of course, continues to provide valuable services for downloading Torrents.

Unfortunately, the site only allows access to download Torrenst, only to users who are registered, but it does not offer new registrations nor does it accept new comments.


1337x has a secure place on this list of Bajui alternatives. This site has also been closed on several occasions, but it has always managed to continue having a presence among the top places for torrent downloads.

The site offers updated content and verified links, as it has a group specialized in uploading new content every day.


RARBG also deserves a privileged position on this list of alternatives to Bajui for many reasons. Mainly, it has had an arduous struggle in the network to not be closed completely. In fact, it is blocked by ISP in some countries such as: Italy United Kingdom, Australia, Finland and Ireland.

The site specializes in offering high-quality videos for download, but also has music, movies, games and software.

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With these 5 alternatives to Bajui that we have just offered you, you can now rest easy, at least for a while, to continue having access to torrent downloads for music, movies, games, software, videos and much more.

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