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If you are looking for alternatives to Estrenosflix because you find that the site has closed or because it does not work correctly, here we will give you some viable options that currently work and offer a very similar service to the one you found in Estrenosflix with recent movies from the big screen so you can watch the best online cinema .

What is Estrenosflix?

If you have never used the Estrenosflix website, you should know that it is an exemplary site that offers you free download of movies through torrents with the most recent film titles from the big screen, that is, premiere movies, where their origin comes from. name.

Estrenosflix offers updated content because it is always incorporating the movies that have been released in recent months, days in the cinema.

Has Estrenosflix closed or is it no longer working?

Estrenosflix has always provided an excellent service for downloading torrents, which is why it achieved great popularity. However, the website has been the victim of various attacks, sanctions, blocks and fines directly from the controllers of copyright use for the content it publishes.

Therefore, our task is to give you today the best torrent sites that can serve as an alternative to Estrenosflix in view of the drawbacks that the site presents.

Alternatives to Estrenosflix

Below we offer you the different alternatives to Estrenosflix , however, you should know that these pages, like Estrenosflix and many others, can be attacked and sanctioned, so it is likely that some will not work when trying it. That’s why we offer you different options to have up your sleeve.

Kickass Torrents

Another torrent site that may have the content you would like to download is Kickass Torrents  and it is similar to what you find on Estrenosflix.

The site has a large torrent library with many hits in all types of content , as well as a large and active community. In particular, you’ll love the impressive number of movies and TV shows.

This torrent site has fixed some security issues by providing information about whether a user is verified and the seeder/leecher ratio of torrents. This information can help you make better decisions and download torrents that are popular and safe.

One disadvantage of Kickass Torrents is that it has ads and pop-ups that may cause you some problems with browsing. But as long as your ad blocker is on, this won’t be a problem.

Another problem with Kickass Torrents is that it has also been banned in many countries like Australia, Britain and the USA. The good news is that you can still download your favorite movies, TV shows and games on the site using a good and reliable VPN .

Simply  redirect your connection to another country where the site has not been blocked . Another thing worth loving about this torrent site is that it is easy to use. You can easily search by keyword within the category you want and choose the torrent files that appeal to you.


Moving from a website without search filters, we come to one with amazing search filters: LimeTorrents.

This torrent site is a great alternative to Estrosflix  because it lists the top 50 monthly torrents for all its categories and is one of the largest torrent sites in the world with almost 10 million torrents.

The site shows the “security” of each torrent, as well as the number of seeders and leechers. The more seeders a torrent has, the faster you can download it. Among LimeTorrents’ main selling points are its popularity and its comprehensive watchlist of new releases.

At LImeTorrents it is easy to find reliable and safe torrents. You can also choose torrents by their verified status (a star symbol to the far right of the torrent name) and the number of seeders. Overall, the user interface is easy to use for both new torrent users and experienced users.


TorrentDownloads is one of the best torrent sites for downloading old content and torrents that you have had trouble finding on other sites, as is the case with Estrenosflix.

But torrents are not limited at all. The large library will ensure that you find plenty of movies, TV shows, games , apps, and files in a couple more categories.

Helpful search filters will help you filter search results based on category and status. Try searching for an old e-book or a rare video game; You may be impressed by the results.

The TorrentDownloads interface is very organized and detailed. You can see the number of seeders and the status of a torrent file. This way, you can avoid downloading malicious content on your device.


TorLock  is one of the best sites to find safe downloads that serves as an alternative to Estrenosflix . It’s especially good for Mac users and great for downloading anime episodes, music, and e-books.

The site has a top 100 list to help you find the best torrent downloads . Additionally, it is impressive because it features files that are difficult to get on other torrent sites. However, I recommend that you only use it as a backup.

Although it is a safe site, you can still find some misleading links. Additionally, the site is known for intrusive ads and pop-ups (especially porn ads), so you should always use a VPN with an ad blocker.



If you are a gamer looking for the most robust library to download video game torrents (whether for console or PC), Zooqle may be your best option, in case Estrenosflix does not work.

Here, you can find torrents that you won’t see anywhere else. This popular torrent site has a library of over 600 TV shows and 37,000 movies. Software torrent downloads are also popular on this site.

The user interface is also impressive and the site has a search bar to help you easily find any file you are interested in. Each torrent has detailed information such as the resolution quality of the file, the time it was uploaded, and the seeder/leech ratio.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t it let me access Estrenosflix?

In case you cannot access both Estrenosflix and its alternatives, we recommend that you use a VPN (Opera has one integrated).

Now you have  5 alternatives to Estrenosflix from where you can download your safe torrents to watch new movies, but also other types of content such as games, documentaries, software and more.

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