Alternatives to VeoTorrent | VeoTorrent Alternatives

Alternatives to VeoTorrent | VeoTorrent Alternatives

Until a couple of months ago, VeoTorrent  was one of the favorite sites for those who download everything via Torrent . Unfortunately, this site has recently stopped providing services and the only option left for lovers of BitTorrent downloads is to try some alternatives to VeoTorrent .

What happened to VeoTorrent? Has it closed forever or is it not working?

The big problem with websites with pirated content or that violate copyright is that they will inevitably be closed. It already happened with DailySports , ExVagos , Latelete and Hispashare . Now, it was the turn of VeoTorrent, which has recently closed due to multiple complaints about illegal distribution of copyrighted content.

Given this inconvenience, today we bring you some of the best options and substitutes for VeoTorrent, where you can choose the one you like the most:

10 Best Alternatives to VeoTorrent

There are dozens of alternatives to VeoTorrent , some of them will surprise you, since they may have more content than said website. Here are 10 other websites similar to VeoTorrent  that are worth trying.


Another alternative to VeoTorrent with considerable relevance on the Internet is, a web portal that has been shown multiple times on the TorrentFreak list as one of the most visited Torrent sites. This stands out for being a reliable download portal in which all files are verified and no fake links are found.

However, its only flaws are its sloppy-looking interface and its excessive use of advertising. Despite this, the website is quite easy to use and meets its objective; offer high quality Torrents.


At you can find movies, series, anime, television, music , video games, programs, apps and a wide variety of other content. We are talking about a great alternative to VeoTorrent , which has been providing its services since 2009.

Since that date, Limetorrents has been cultivating one of the largest Torrent catalogs on the Internet. Other details in favor of this website are its reduced use of advertising and its interface, which, although not the best, is much more organized than the average Torrent website.


YTS has a quite elegant interface and its most striking feature is that it offers HD resolution video; with a fairly compressed file size or weight. This has made it one of the most popular Torrent platforms, so we do not hesitate to add it to this top, since it is an excellent alternative to VeoTorrent .

In case you didn’t know its history, began providing its services in 2011 under the name YIFY; although they were closed in 2015. However, after being closed, they launched the YTS website to the public, where you can find all the content from the old servers, plus the new one.


During 2021, has been the third Torrent website with the highest number of visits; according to the TorrentFreak portal. With more than 14 years providing services, its closure already seems unlikely, which is why it is undoubtedly one of the best options to replace VeoTorrent .

In addition, this long experience has allowed them to develop a huge Torrent base, with all types of content, from movies, television, video games, music, applications , anime, documentaries, adult films, among others.

Torrent Project 2

With a service similar to that offered by The Pirate Bay, is a BitTorrent file search engine that allows you to find Torrents available on the Internet; regardless of the type of content you are looking for.

This great alternative to VeoTorrent offers more than 8 million Torrent files, among which you will surely find your favorite series or video game. In addition, it is a widely recommended site for its simple and easy-to-understand interface.


One of the oldest websites for downloading Torrent files is, which has been providing its services since 2003. This, in fact, is its first drawback, since its interface does not seem to have been updated in decades.

Despite this, this alternative to VeoTorrent is undoubtedly one of the largest Torrent trackers on the Internet. There you can search Torrents by categories, type, language, quality, subcategory and keywords. Without a doubt, it has a fairly advanced and complete search engine.


If you are more interested in television series, may be your best option after the fall of VeoTorrent, since they specialize in this type of content. It should be noted that Torrents and premieres of a large number of TV programs are published on this web portal.

It must be said that its interface needs a lot of work, however, the quality of its content is highly valued and that they are quite discreet with the use of advertising.


Although it is in last place, is a more than considerable alternative to VeoTorrent. Since Torlock has a fairly clear interface and is well divided into categories, in addition, all files added to its platform are verified to ensure that they do not contain malware.

On the other hand, its biggest negative point is its use of advertising, since, although its interface is clean of banners, the site throws up many pop-up windows.

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Although VeoTorrent was for many one of the best platforms available to download files through BitTorrent or uTorrent , it is possible to find many alternatives, and among them those already mentioned in this TOP 10 stand out. However, you should know that there are more options available , although from our experience we have selected the best, and those that meet characteristics that should be considered when using this type of web portals.

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