Alternatives to TorrentLocura | TorrentLocura Alternatives

Alternatives to TorrentLocura | TorrentLocura Alternatives

TorrentLocura is one of the most efficient torrent websites for downloading movies and series. However, since this portal is regularly penalized by the authorities  that protect copyright, it is necessary to have alternatives that can replace it .

What happened to TorrentLocura? Is it not working or closed permanently?

This platform came to be positioned among the first places of preference due to the quality of the torrents that it made available to the user public. It became mainly the ideal site to find movies and series in high definition , with great download speed and current options, as it quickly acquired new releases.

However, websites that allow you to download movies and series for free are threatened by copyright problems. For this reason, as happened with other portals of this type, such as PCTNew , VeoTorrent , SkyTorrent and MejorenVO , it accumulated several complaints that led to its definitive closure .

That is why, in order not to be left in the dark without being able to download the Torrent content that you were used to doing with TorrentLocura, here we present some interesting alternatives, even in other languages, if you prefer.

10 best alternatives to TorrentLocura

Luckily, nowadays, you can access a large number of sites similar to MejorenVO  where you can download videos at no cost. But remember, this content is for your own consumption and not to profit from it.


1337x  is one of the best alternatives to TorrentLocura for downloading torrents, as it has a large active community always online. This site has a very easy and intuitive interface with a search bar, for any download, be it videos, movies or another program.

Another point in its favor is that it is free of advertising, which speeds up downloads. Additionally, you can get comics, music, and book content to download for free.

YIFY Torrents Torrents,  like the previous one  this site also has a wide variety of content for downloading torrents and has regular updates. Its interface also makes things easier, since it allows you to search by titles, preference, genre, among others. In addition, each content has observations and recommendations from other users to download more safely.

In relation to the above, it is important to note that it is the only one on the list that offers you to make a backup copy, for greater peace of mind . Therefore, it is an excellent option for TorrentLocura .  is one of the newer sites on this list and works very well as an alternative to TorrentLocura . Here it is possible to download up to about 1,200 titles in new and classic videos and movies, since it has updated torrents . In fact, the advantage that is a platform that has recently appeared on the web makes it less attractive to the authorities for blocking.

The disadvantage that does arise from being a new portal is the number of files available to users. However, although it has few titles compared to other sites, these are increasing daily.

The Pirate Bay

Although this site has been closed several times by Internet copyright watchdogs and defenders, it is still active today. In fact, The Pirate Bay has had to create several domains under the same name to continue functioning and today  it is an excellent option to TorrentLocura.

To use The Pirate Bay and continue downloading all the videos you want, we recommend using a VPN network to protect your IP. We also advise you to use an ad blocker to avoid interrupting your downloads continuously.


If you are looking for an alternative to TorrentLocura that has a wide library of content to download torrents, LimeTorrents is the ideal site. This portal also has frequent updates. Its interface is also very friendly, since it allows you to search and sort content by dates, weight, etc.

Not only can you find movies and videos, here you can access games and software to download without problems. Therefore, it should not be ignored in any list of this type.

Kickass Torrents

Surely you have also heard of Kickass Torrents because it is very popular among the best-known sites for downloading videos and content from the Internet. In fact,  just like in TorrentLocura, here you can find any type of content you want.

If, in addition to movies and videos, you are also looking for books, software and games, you can download them here without problems. However, you should always have a proxy on hand, as the site crashes regularly.


Extratorrent  is another of the perfect sites for downloading torrents that can easily replace TorrentLocura . Its interface is precise and intuitive with a search bar that helps you navigate to find the content you want.

This portal has programs, games, movies, series, books, software and more. Furthermore, this content is checked and updated regularly, so user convenience and security are other additional features of the website.


If you want to download videos,  movies and television series, even software and games, like TorrentLocura , this is a great alternative. Torlock has a large collection of torrents, and they are all verified.

As for its interface, it is very friendly and very easy to use, especially for searching titles by name. In addition, it also allows you to easily organize and classify files.


RARBG  is another of the alternatives to TorrentLocura that can make things easier for you to obtain free video and movie content, but also games, software, e-books and applications. Although it has a simpler interface than other sites on this list, it provides separate links for even faster navigation .

In addition, on this portal you can also find a news section, so the user will also be well informed. Finally, it is necessary to point out the small number of advertisements, which differentiates it from other platforms in the field.

TorrentSeeker close our list, another great substitute for TorrentLocura , due to the wide variety of topics of interest to users, is TorrentSeeker. In this option you will find music, documentaries, movies, books, games and much more; since it is one of the best search engines to locate Torrent files on several sites simultaneously.

Just type the title and it will provide you with all the available options . Furthermore, being a specialized search engine allows it to avoid the advertising that characterizes other platforms that contain the material in their own systems. Therefore, we also include this option for the convenience of the public.

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As you can see, the alternatives to TorrentLocura are enormous in view of its closure or malfunction , but here we have mentioned the most efficient sites, with better updates and with verifications for better control of the quality of their content. However, remember that like TorrentLocura these sites can also close, so you should always have several options so as not to be left without entertainment. 

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