Pirlo TV Alternatives: How to watch football live | Alternatives to Pirlo TV

Pirlo TV Alternatives: How to watch football live | Alternatives to Pirlo TV

Getting updated alternatives to Pirlo Tv is excellent to increase your options. As sports lovers, we wanted to find meaningful alternatives so you can watch your favorite sports broadcasts. For some time now, Pirlo TV has been experiencing failures, leaving millions of people without live broadcasts.

What is Pirlo TV?

It is a platform that broadcasts live sports for free. For a long time Pirlo TV has stood out above other places ; but recently it has had errors in its transmissions. Watching significant sports like football online is one of Pirlo TV’s strengths.

People who go on a trip and want to watch the sports matches of their favorite teams could do so through the platform. Likewise, those who do not have a television or simply find it more entertaining.

In general, Pirlo TV always kept its fans with updated links so that the live broadcast was not cut off.

Why is Pirlo Tv not working?

This streaming platform has become inaccessible, especially in Spain. This is because it has been banned because it is seen as competition from large content companies. On the other hand, throughout Europe the transmission of this type of page is illegal.

For reasons of copyright this platform is no longer available and that is why we take on the challenge of finding a solution. Right now, when you try to enter Pirlo Tv. The only way to access this platform without being blocked is to use a good VPN, which in many cases is usually expensive.

7 Best alternatives to Pirlo TV

We have placed in our research the best 7 platforms where you can continue watching your live broadcasts without interruptions. Try each one of them until you find the one that suits you best.

Direct red

https://www.rojadirecta.ltd/It is the main option because it provides live broadcasts for free. It has been providing live football matches for almost a decade to virtually entertain all the fans. The advantage of this page is that it broadcasts both European and American football.

It is easy to use with the use of an intuitive interface, which allows you to enter different portals without problem. You have the option to enter different portals and watch broadcast matches.

On the other hand, you can watch pre-recorded matches, summaries and interviews. The page has not only football, but also Formula 1, Tennis, Motogp and others.

Red Card TV

https://tarjetarojatv.futbol/It is similar to the direct red one, since its design is quite similar to its structure. Its strength is the broadcasting of the league, the champions and other international football matches. You can see the programming agenda for the day, which allows you to select the transmission of your preference.

It has European and American football so you can extend your passion if you enjoy the beautiful game. You can watch international friendly matches so you don’t miss the broadcasts. It is placed as a second option since it can be accessed from anywhere.

The Tiki Taka House

https://www.lacasadeltikitakatv.net/home.phpIn general, sports sites for live broadcasts have similar structures because the matches are constantly updated. The tiki taka house is a very viable option that presents you with live TV , programming and a legal warning.

You can see in the programming the sporting events of the day and the time at which they will be broadcast. By clicking on them during broadcast hours you will see the matches live or if they have passed you will be able to see the broadcast. This option is fantastic and you do not need to register or pay to watch your favorite matches.

Batman Stream

https://www.batstream.cc/It is an option to watch different sports matches on the internet, as it has more than 20 channels available.  You have options to watch soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, racing, tennis and other international sports. On the main page you can see the sporting events that will be broadcast on the day.

Select according to the type of sport that interests you and enter the calendars and schedules. If the game has already started, you just have to enter directly on the link.

Live TV

http://livetv563.me/It is a completely free website to watch sports both live and broadcast. You have the possibility of following many types of sporting events of great importance.  The main football events are broadcast through this page.

You can enjoy the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, First Division and many others. If you have any problems with the page you can resolve questions within its forum.


https://intergolestv.me/It is an ideal page because if necessary it will reschedule sporting events. It is completely free and you can see the matches of the day and access according to the broadcast schedules. This page does not present problems, just by searching for it on the internet you can enter without problem.

Generally their live broadcasts are about football because it is the most watched sport in the world. This channel does not host live broadcasts, as external sites host it. However, when you enter the respective channels it will show you what is currently broadcast.

Bein Sports

https://www.beinsports.com/It is one of the best places to watch live sports, because in addition to the broadcasts it also offers excellent broadcasts. You can review videos of the latest sports events.

You can also see results of past matches and related news. You have the option in the main page windows to see the programming, watch what is currently broadcast live or simply watch recent videos.

Other alternatives

The 7 alternatives provided are the main ones to somehow replace what is broadcast by Pirlo Tv. Now, there are other options that are also great for watching sports and that you should take into account. These are:

  • internet tv
  • Web Radio
  • Elite Gol Tv
  • Rapi Soccer
  • ESPNPlayer.com
  • VipBox1.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Youtube
  • SportLemon.Tv
  • Futbolenlatv.es

These options are also valuable because they give you live broadcasts so you don’t miss details of your favorite teams. For example, YouTube and Facebook are ideal because in important games users with official accounts broadcast.

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Now you can see that Pirlo Tv was not the only option for you to experience the excitement of your sports games. If you still want to enjoy soccer and your favorite tennis, basketball, etc. games , don’t hesitate to try one of these alternatives.

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