Best Free Video Editing Software Programs in 2020

Best Free Video Editing Software Programs in 2020

The creation of audiovisual content on social networks requires a lot of effort. All networks give us the possibility to share or upload videos, whether recorded or live. An opportunity that we should not miss to reach more audiences.

Many times it is necessary to edit the videos before publishing them on social networks. Although it is difficult to choose the best video editor program, we are going to publish a list and analysis of the best programs and apps to edit videos,

DaVinci Resolve

Credits: Apple

Davinci Resolve is one of the film post-production tools preferred by most professionals in the audiovisual sector. The program is one of the best solutions for color correction, compatible with high-performance graphics cards and color tables.

Davinci Resolver has a free version with all the necessary functions to edit your videos and then upload them to social networks.


Credits: mobile9

Magisto is an online video editor for automated video editing and production for companies and individuals. The program uses Artificial Intelligence technology to make video editing quick and easy.

Magistro has a mobile application for both Android and iPhone, making it the perfect tool to edit videos recorded with mobile phones and upload them to social networks, which makes it have the best opinions among video editing programs.

Windows Movie Maker

Credits: Windows Central

Windows Movie Maker is the free editing program that comes installed with Windows. It allows creating videos without any complications and allows us to add transitions, music, sounds, subtitles, and basic effects to create videos to upload to social networks.

Although it is a basic tool, it is interesting for those who are just beginning to create videos.


Credits: VideoHelp

VirtualDub is a free program that contains the possibility to perform video compression and add other tracks. It presents the possibility of performing batch processing for the manipulation of a large number of files. The program can be completed by using third-party video filters.


credits: Softonic

Wax is a program that allows us to make high-performance videos with special effects. It can create 2D and 3D effects and can work as a standalone application or as an extension for video editors. Supports the most popular video formats like AVI, WAV, MPEG.

The popularity of videos on social media

Videos that focus on ordinary people performing all kinds of actions are the most common on social networks, which has led to the growth of visual content of all kinds. Most YouTubers share their personal experience and it is estimated that more than 70% of users worldwide feel more motivated and able to carry out any activity after watching videos on social networks.

Due to this trend, videos that include the word “with me” are among the most popular in the world regardless of the category in question.

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