Best Apps for Tracking Car Maintenance

Best Apps for Tracking Car Maintenance

The technological world increasingly encompasses more aspects of everyday life and thanks to this technology, smartphones, and tablets have become a tool for daily use. As drivers, we must know that there are apps that allow us to drive in a safer way while saving and achieving much more efficient driving.

Whether you are looking for an app to make driving much more comfortable or you are looking for auto insurance, you have at your disposal a good number of applications that adapt to your needs. We are going to review the ones that may interest you the most.


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Waze is a social application for GPS-assisted real-time navigation. Unlike the typical navigation software, this application is maintained by the community and learns from the routes followed by each user to give the necessary information about routes and traffic updates in real-time.

Waze’s open collaboration allows users to report all kinds of incidents on the road such as accidents, speed controls, traffic congestion, or points of interest, among others. The App needs an active data connection on our phone.

The Waze mobile app is completely free for Android and iOS systems and can be used anywhere in the world.


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iOnRoad is a driving application based on augmented reality. The App uses the GPS of the mobile phone, the gyroscope, and the video camera to monitor the position of a vehicle on the road, warning about possible lane departures and collisions with other vehicles through audio or visual signals.

The main objective of this application is to prevent accidents. The application measures the vehicle’s forward distance, warning the driver about possible dangers.

iOnroad incorporates the possibility of vehicle location. It automatically detects where we have parked to later guide us to our car with the GPS, a function that works even when we park in a parking lot.

Ultimate car dok hands-free

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An application that allows us to use our mobile phone through voice. The application allows you to make calls or send messages through a series of personalized voice commands.

Thanks to its simple interface, it avoids distractions and quickly shows us what we want to see. It offers the possibility of voice recognition and integration with the car handsfree. It also allows us to customize voice responses and even listen to music.


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With Torque, we can see what is happening in our car in real-time, get OBD fault codes, engine performance, sensor data, and much more. This App is a tool that diagnoses the operation of the car using the OBD system via Bluetooth connection.

The application allows us to use the phone’s GPS to see the vehicle’s tracking, performance, and location records at any time, in addition to displaying and resetting a DTC / CEL/fault code like a scan tool.


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The App of the 100% digital insurer in Argentina. Thanks to it, insurance can be contracted in addition to all the services that have to do with car care and protection online.

With this application, customers can purchase insurance in less than two minutes, carry out a comprehensive check-up of the vehicle to prevent possible failures, and even request annual maintenance service.

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