10 Best Websites to Search and Download Torrents in 2023

10 Best Websites to Search and Download Torrents in 2023

On the 1st of 2023 and torrents page searches and download pages are still high on Google Trends. And it is that despite its declining popularity, the truth is that today torrent networks continue to be the best option to download files of all types. Currently, the number of torrenting sites has decreased significantly. Even so, owning one is still out of reach for the average pirate. This time we make a collection of the 10 best sites for torrent downloading in 2023 Of course, we always recommend that you keep up to date and download content that is not copyrighted or that has been published by the author himself.

One of the few pages in Spanish to download torrent files. On this occasion, the page focuses exclusively on audiovisual content, that is, movies, series and documentaries

One thing to keep in mind is that some telephone operators have blocked access to Spain. That is why we have to resort to VPNs or free proxies. In this article we make a list of the five best free VPNs.

The BetterTorrent site appears as a torrent file download page in Spanish. Again, its content is focused on series, movies and television shows, as well as documentaries of all kinds and some computer games and MP3 music.

Like the previous one, all its content is in Spanish and the number of ads inserted is not excessive if we compare it with other similar pages.

The queen of queens on pages to download torrent files in 2023. It has all kinds of content: movies, programs, operating systems, discographies, series, and works on different topics. Definitely the best torrent search engine of all time , especially for the number of seeds (seeds) of its downloads.

The disadvantage with respect to the previous ones is that its content is mainly in English. Also, the imported ad can make us click fake download buttons. The way to access it varies by country as it has been excluded for legal reasons. In the link that includes these two paragraphs we can find a complete list of mediation.

Kickass Torrent

The second best torrent search page. It had previously been blocked and even closed by various governments. Fortunately, today it can be accessed through different proxies. In short, it has a quantity and variety of content similar to The Pirate Bay: series, movies, pirated programs, old records, images, premieres, series…

It is also in English, as is most of its content. Yes, you also get a certain amount of ad spam, but that’s the price you have to pay to maintain your servers. We can access it through the following links:

  • https://katcr.co
  • https://kat.sx
  • https://kat.am
  • http://kickasstorrent.cr
  • https://kickasstorrents.pw
  • https://kickass.cm

A site that specializes exclusively in TV series, although you can also find other types of audiovisual content. Their library is huge compared to previous sites. It has both series in Spanish and English. , and we can download the files both through torrent networks and from external pages.

This site has been blocked by some operators in Spain, so the only alternative would be to use VPN or proxies to cover our IP address.

One of the most blocked torrent search engines in the world. The reason for this? The large amount of illegally distributed content. In this case we find all kinds of files to download. In addition to movies and series, it contains books, software, anime, and even pornography .

The number of ads is not excessive, although it is true that most of the content is in English. Due to its exclusion in countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom and Mexico, if you wish to enter (at your own risk) you must switch to VPN programs the

Another site in Spanish to download series and movies in the Cervantes language. On this occasion, the page is blocked by almost all Internet companies (Movistar, Lowi, Vodafone.). Using Tor or VPN we can access all its content, which is based on Releases and titles with a certain age in Spanish and English , except VO (original version).

Ads are next to none when it comes to browsing and downloading files.

Website very similar to Kickass Torrent with similar content and files. Music, premieres, movies, series, programs and entire systems are what we can find in it. The best thing about torrent downloads is the number of seeds or torrents that the torrent files have to download at the maximum available speed.

Fortunately, it does not introduce annoying and intrusive advertising, although we need to use a VPN to access it if our operator has blocked access.

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The legendary DivxTotal is still valid in 2023. Little or nothing to say about it. The number of torrent files is very large. Best of all, almost all the content on this account is available in Spanish.

In addition, the number of seeds is much higher than other torrent search engines AND yes, it has a very small number of ads to make browsing the website faster.

Another torrent download page. Its interface is an outright copy of Kickass depending on the type of content. Computer games, movies, eBooks, series, programs, anime… Everything you are looking for is on this page, although it is true that the number of files has nothing to do with it compared to other pages.

It has quality seeds to improve the transfer speed of your torrent files.

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