5 Torrent Sites That Will Still Work in 2023

5 Torrent Sites That Will Still Work in 2023

Surely you are used to the fact that when you had a trusted website to download your torrents, it was gone overnight and you have to look for others. The truth is It is not easy to find a torrent site that has quality and also stays active for a long time. After analyzing many of these portals, we inform you about the best of 2023 that continue to operate.

Keep in mind that these types of sites are constantly changing to avoid being shut down. With the type of content they offer it often borders on legitimacy. Also, we can’t trust the first thing we see, as many hackers and cybercriminals build their empires this way to take advantage of the careless. They try to steal our personal information through malware and spyware. These are some of the safest available right now so you don’t have to worry about downloading your torrents.

Safe Torrent Sites in 2023


In this portal, downloading torrent browsing is easy thanks to its well-organized interface. 1337x has been updated, has improved its design and recently eliminated some security risks for users Google does not usually show it in search results, but it is a safe place to download all kinds of torrents, links to movies and series, and even music , games and applications.

At first it shows you some suggestions, especially if you are not looking for something specific and want to know what it is. the most popular of each week If you know what you are looking for, in their search engine you will check if they have what you are looking for. by clicking on the title you can start downloading the torrent.


It is another of the few well-known sites that continue to work on downloading torrents of all kinds. it is especially suitable for torrents related to music. Torrentz2 is probably one of the easiest to use, since you only have to indicate what you want in the search engine and it immediately shows you all the results with the characteristics of each file.

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This is considered by the torrent download community as one of the best sites to download TV series. Its EZTV users show a lot of activity and always upload content related to this topic. That’s why you should go looking for any episode or full series, whether it’s old or new. It is also possible to find here all kinds of TV shows, reality even car racing. Its interface is very intuitive, so you won’t have any problems navigating and looking for the series you need.


This is another torrent portal that is highly valued by the community. You have to give it a lot of credit, since despite being a fairly new site, it has a significant number of torrents. In it you can find up to 600 series, television programs of all kinds and up to 37,000 movies of any type and year. Up to three and a half million torrents have been verified. According to your community, Zoogle stands out mainly for the wide variety of games in torrent format.


As you can see, the communities on these sites are a great source of guidance so you know what to look for specifically. YTS Gate mainly specializes in old movies, especially those that are hard to find. The design is one of its strong points, so that you do not complicate yourself when looking for what you are looking for.

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