Brand Marketing for Moving Companies: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Brand Marketing for Moving Companies: 5 Tips You Need to Know

There was a time when marketing used to be a relatively simple and straightforward affair. All you needed was a reasonable budget to push your ideas out there, and your efforts would be paid back.

Today, throwing money at a marketing can be a money drain if you haven’t taken the time to do your homework. It is important to understand who your target customers are, where they are, and how best you can reach them effectively.

In particular, online platforms seem to carry the largest concentration of potential customers since everyone is using the Internet in one form or the other these days.

Thus, the million-dollar-question every interstate or local moving company should be grappling with is: how can you tap into this massive pool of potential sales?

Here are some tips that should prove helpful in your brand marketing efforts.

A great website is a must.

A business website may have been essential 10 years ago, but it is even more integral today. As you already know, there has been a significant increase in the number of companies offering moving services over the last several years.

Now, if you want to be taken seriously when customers are sifting through the entries they come across in search, you cannot rely on social media pages alone to win your business. That is for briefcase outfits.

You need a trustworthy website that not only clearly outlines your offerings, but also one that boasts a good design with easy-to-use navigation.

Importantly (and this is not optional) the website must be responsive (aka mobile-friendly) as most searches these days are done via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

A good mover’s website must also be interactive as well as provide those small but very fundamental details:

  •  Your full contact information (again, nobody wants to deal with a phantom company)
  • An estimate form (for visitors who would instead not call; plus, it’s convenient)
  • Your DOT number and other legal information

Being credible help

A kickass website may be an excellent basis to start your relationship with potential customers, but it alone is not enough.

Every moving company worth its salt needs to be licensed first and foremost. Insured movers are also more credible for obvious reasons.

Carrying other industry certifications like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) will also boost your credibility in the eyes of customers, something that has a direct positive impact on your bottom line. In a massive way.

AMSA is another association you should think of joining. The largest movers’ association in the United States, your company will be promoted to Pro Mover status after the first year of membership.

Adding these badges to your website – along with others from national and local affiliations – leaves no doubt in customers’ minds that they are dealing with a professional company that takes its business seriously.

Leverage your customer base to your advantage: customers are your brand’s most prominent ambassador.

As a mover, it is essential to research your customers to know who they are.

You never really know who you are serving – some may run blogs that could boost your profile if they gave you a mention; others may write for big news agencies. You may even be moving celebrities and other niche influencers without you knowing.

If you get a job from entities like these, make sure to go above and beyond in executing (which you should be doing with every one of your customers anyway) and then ask for their testimonial.

Never forget from responding to bad reviews.

Some customers may feel aggrieved from something that happened when they hired you, which could see them leave scathing reviews on your social media or other review sites.

First off, we must clarify that you won’t get far in this industry if you run your business like an HBO villain. That said, always put your best foot forward in delivering your services.

Should any customer feel unhappy about something and they happen to leave negative reviews for you, it’s super important that you provide a helpful response to them.

You can even go one further and find out how you can make up for it. You may not like it, but that’s how modern business is run.

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The branded uniform is still a win.

We may be living in the digital age, but some things are forever.

Branded staff clothing, uniforms, and company vehicles project you as a professional moving company. Customized branding makes you stand out, and your teams look good too.

This is still a brand marketing tactic that works and one you should not overlook.

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