8 Tips To Create Appealing Social Media Videos

8 Tips To Create Appealing Social Media Videos

Let’s be real- social media is here to stay. No matter how much we try doing social media detox or how much we keep cursing it, our lives are incomplete without a daily dose of unhealthy scrolling. With 3.92 billion social media users in 2022, it’s definitely clear as to why an influencer or business person needs to create videos for engagement.

Nobody likes to read long texts and captions, so we all look at videos to learn about things, purchase items, or even for entertainment. In case you’re someone who would also like to create appealing social media videos, here are eight important tips for you.

Start with a strategy

Before you start making a video, you must have a strategy in mind. This should essentially involve audience and competitor research, content scheduling, and budget.

A video without any kind of strategy in mind is nothing short of a disaster. You want to make sure your viewers love what they’re seeing. So plan all these things beforehand.

Keep them short

Nobody likes to spend too much time watching one single video. In order to crop out repetition and boredom, keep your videos as short and simple as possible.

If you’re posting on Instagram or Facebook, the length should be between 1-3 minutes. If, however, you’re planning to post on Youtube, you can increase the length up to 5-6 minutes but definitely not more than that.

Make the first few seconds important

It’s a rule of thumb that if your audience likes the first 3-5 seconds of the video, they’ll sit through the entire video. So make sure the first few seconds of the video really stand out.

People generally lose concentration after the first 8 seconds, so the most interesting or eye-catching part should be there within that time itself. This might sound tough, but with enough practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

Include subtitles

Subtitles make it really easy for almost anyone to follow the audio if there is one. It’s not necessary to have subtitles in English. You can easily add video subtitles online with Wave.video. Adding proper subtitles will let non-native speakers understand your content and be impressed by it too.

Additionally, if the video starts playing on mute automatically in the start, your audience will have a grasp on what’s being shown by just reading the subs.

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Go for natural lighting

There’s nothing as good as natural lighting when it comes to video making. Using natural light is also about knowing when and where to shoot. For example, the time right before sunset has bright flashes of pink, red, and orange. The shadows are also less dark then and the hues are softer.

On the other hand, the blue hour that occurs about 30 minutes after sundown gives a cool and peaceful vibe to your videos. Cloudy days are also great for outdoor shots since the light is evenly spread out.

Use an external microphone

Just like proper lighting, having the proper kind of audio is equally important. If you’re using a phone or tablet, the built-in mic might not be very good.

If the video captures sounds of cars passing by or other unnecessary noises, the audience won’t stop to look at it. So purchase an external microphone to make the audio stand out in a crystal-clear fashion.

Focus on the story

One of the most basic mistakes many videographers make is not following a proper plot. Halfway along, the video loses track, and people are left confused. This makes your video look sloppy.

So remember to focus on the storyline that is interesting and compelling to the audience. A creative message will also let you emotionally connect with people who will feel tempted to look at more of your work.

Keep tracking your progress

Just uploading a video isn’t enough- you have to keep tracking how far you’ve progressed. Check important metrics such as the number of likes, dislikes, followers, and comments on the video. See how well the audience is engaging with your content and use these metrics to improve your next video.

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Over to you…

If you need any help with video editing or making, these eight tips can come in very handy. If you are a beginner, start your journey with Wave.video, it is one of the best beginner-friendly video-making software out there. Use its amazing features to create videos that are interesting and unique.

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