Deepfake: what it is and advantages for marketing

Deepfake: what it is and advantages for marketing

In today’s digital world, technology has reached new frontiers and ushered in amazing innovations . One of these is the deepfake , a technique that has aroused both fascination and concern in equal measure. But what exactly is the deepfake and what are its advantages in the field of marketing? Let’s find out!

What is deepfake ?

Deepfakes are an AI-based technology that creates fake, realistic images or videos of selected people by swapping their faces with other people saying or doing things they didn’t actually do. And people start to believe those fake videos as they are not recognizable by the normal human eye and require in-depth analysis.

How do deepfakes work ?

A deepfake video exploits two machine learning (ML) models . One model creates the fakes from a data set of sample videos , while the other tries to detect if the video is really a fake . When the second model can no longer tell if the video is fake, then it is likely that the deepfake is credible enough to a human viewer as well. This technique is called a generative adversarial network (GAN) . 

GAN works best when the data set it can work with is large. This is why most early deepfake videos tend to feature politicians and showbiz celebrities . They have lots of videos that GAN can use to create very realistic deepfakes .

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Benefits of deepfake in digital marketing

The deepfake , despite its controversies, offers a series of benefits and advantages in the field of digital marketing . Here we highlight some of them:

Personalization and relevance

The deepfake allows the creation of highly personalized and relevant content for each individual . By manipulating images and videos, brands can precisely tailor their message, ensuring it resonates with their target audience. This allows for a deeper connection and increased user engagement .

Immersive experiences

Thanks to deepfake , brands can create immersive and immersive experiences for users . They can use this technology to transport consumers into virtual environments, allowing them to interact with fictional characters or situations in a realistic way. This opens up new possibilities for creating credible and objective storytelling and generating memorable advertising campaigns .

influencer marketing

This technology can be used to generate content featuring influencers or celebrities, even if they are not physically present . This allows brands to take advantage of the popularity and influence of these figures to promote their products or services, doing what we call influencer marketing strategy . By using the deepfake ethically and transparently, brands can broaden their reach and make a significant impact with their campaigns .

Adaptation to different markets

Deepfake technology makes it easy to tailor ads and content to different markets and cultures . It can be used to modify visual and linguistic elements, such as language, appearance, and environment, to make them more relevant to a specific audience. This allows brands to reach various market segments and generate more authentic connections .

creative innovation

The deepfake gives marketers a powerful tool for creative innovation . It allows you to explore new ways of telling stories, presenting products and capturing the attention of the audience. Brands can use the deepfake to create unique and disruptive campaigns that stand out in an information-saturated environment .

While the deepfake has potential advantages in digital marketing, it is important to use it ethically and transparently . Consumer trust and respect for privacy are fundamental aspects that must be taken into account when applying this technology.

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