Trigger Marketing: everything you need to know

Trigger Marketing: everything you need to know

Your strategies as a digital marketing professional are strongly linked to a purpose; Each message is directed at a specific goal . Being able to define those goals more precisely is the key to communicating even more effectively. That is precisely what activation marketing or trigger marketing does . It tells the salesperson where customers are in the decision-making process based on their actions, or lack thereof .

This form of data-driven marketing tells “where, when, and what” to communicate to potential customers. And the best part is that it’s all in the data you already collect.

What is trigger marketing ?

Activation marketing or trigger marketing is a form of advertising that uses targeted messages or alerts sent at a specific time. It is a way of making advertising more relevant to the people who see it . In this strategy, each message to the client is triggered by a specific “event”.

Using trigger marketing, advertisers can make messages relevant to both the user and the event, and send them when they matter most . An event can be spending time on a particular page or getting an app. A date, such as a holiday or real-world occasion, could also be an event.

How Activation Marketing Can Help Businesses Prosper

Meet the personal needs of customers

Treating a customer personally and getting them to buy something increases the total sales of your website. Now, if you can do this to all users on your platform, you will see tremendous growth in sales revenue on top of regular sales . You can achieve this by using email sending tools.

Work with potential customers

You can engage with potential customers by sending them promotional, event-based, real-time emails , etc. There is a chance that the lead will become a customer.

retain more customers

When customers are about to leave your platform, engage them through personalized SMS, WhatsApp messages, emails, and app notifications to convince them to stay with you. Sometimes a retention promotion works well.

Avoid repetitive emails

If you keep sending promotional emails in batches, the customer will think that you don’t care about their preferences. It also seems repetitive and reduces your credibility. Instead, choose any type of activation marketing to give individual attention to your customers .

Increase brand awareness

When you send personalized emails to a consumer, there is a good chance that they will talk about it in their close groups. Therefore, more people will find out about your brand through word of mouth marketing.

Respond to behaviors in real time

Take advantage of real-time customer behaviors, such as when a user needs to sign up for a VPN or wants to buy a smart home product. Send a personalized offer to close sales immediately when you receive such a lead.

Build an emotional relationship

Activating email marketing on special days and events creates an emotional relationship between the company and the customer . Hence, the consumer can buy the next product on your platform instead of another.

Interactive and personalized experiences

There is a high probability that you will impress customers through personalized, timely and interactive emails with product/service suggestions or promotions.

save time and money

You could save a lot of money and time by switching your marketing tactics to triggered emails instead of running Google public ads or mass email marketing campaigns.

Improve the chances of conversion

If you can immediately reach a customer via SMS or email about their abandoned shopping cart, there is a high chance that the user will pick up where they left off and purchase the item .

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Types of Trigger Marketing

Abandoned Cart Triggers

When a customer adds items to the online shopping cart but does not complete the purchase, trigger marketing can be used to send reminder emails or notifications offering incentives or discounts to encourage the customer to complete the purchase.

behavior triggers

These triggers are based on a user’s behavior or actions, such as website visits, product views, or clicks. When certain actions are detected, trigger marketing can be used to send personalized messages , recommendations, or offers based on user behavior.

Onboarding Triggers

When a new customer signs up or creates an account, trigger marketing can be used to send welcome emails or messages with relevant information, tutorials, or special offers to engage the customer and facilitate their onboarding process.

event triggers

These triggers are based on specific events or dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. Trigger marketing can be used to send personalized messages or offers to celebrate the event and encourage customer engagement or purchases.

reset triggers

For products or services that require regular replenishment, trigger marketing can be used to send reminders or offers when it’s time for a customer to reorder or renew their subscription.

idle triggers

When a customer has been inactive or inactive for a certain period of time, activation marketing can be used to send re-engagement emails retargeting ) or offers to bring the customer back and encourage them to take action.

location based triggers

Using geolocation data, trigger marketing can be used to send targeted messages or offers to customers when they are in a specific location or near a store or business , with the goal of driving traffic and conversions.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Triggers

Based on a customer’s past purchases or browsing history, trigger marketing can be used to suggest related or complementary products , upsell higher-priced options, or offer bundle deals to increase average order value.

The specific triggers used can vary depending on the company, industry, and marketing goals. The key is to identify the relevant triggers and send personalized and timely messages or offers to improve customer engagement and drive conversions.

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