DivxTotal is disabled? | 5 Alternatives to Download Torrent [2023]

DivxTotal is disabled? | 5 Alternatives to Download Torrent [2023]

The well-known DivxTotal site has suffered a global recession. Now the website does not work in any of the countries where it is available, with a message saying “Error 503 Failed in post recovery. Back recovery failed. Meditation Guru. XID: 938183755 ». The origin of the crash is completely unknown, although everything points to an attack on web servers. While we wait for those responsible to announce the reasons for the gateway blocking, we have compiled a list of five of the best DivxTotal alternatives to download torrents in 2023.

At tuexperto.com we do not encourage the download of digital content protected by copyright. The end of the article is for information only. Therefore, we will not link to any sites related to downloading torrent files.

Great Torrent

A page of recent creation and Spanish origin that even DivxTotal competes with the number of movies. It is true that the number of ads on the portal in the form of pop-ups makes web browsing a tedious process. The good news is that much of its content is in Spanish and Latin Spanish and HD and Full HD quality .

It is worth noting the presence of several sections for 4K, 3D and even Blue-Ray content . However, if we want to download series in torrent format, we have to resort to other websites.


This is the site with the largest list of Spanish series and movies on the Internet. Although the web has suffered many collapses throughout its history, the truth is that it is still accessible today.

Best of all, this page hardly has any ads except for a few popup ads. If we talk about its catalog, Elite Torrent has titles ranging from the most recent, with new releases and movies, to classics.

Cra Popcorn

One of the most popular apps for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Since it is a free development program we will not have to deal with annoying ads or endless waiting times. All you have to do is install the program on a compatible device and select the title to watch.

From first-run movies to the latest wave series, through documentaries and TV shows. Application time limits are generally non-existent: content plays as the download progresses. Unfortunately the number of titles in Spanish is quite small , although we can find most of the subtitles in Spanish.

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best torrent

The longest running torrent page in Spanish out of five. With more than 57,000 movies, series, documentaries, live programs and television programs , the portal has one of the most extensive directories in Spanish on the entire network.

The number of ads is so small that we can download one file. with just a few mouse clicks. It also has a section designed to display the latest Torrent files that are shared for the latest versions on the board.


Unlike other portals, Torrent2z is not limited to connecting series and movies, but has a huge catalog of all kinds of digital content Windows programs, software licenses, discs and a lot of time, etc.

The biggest advantage of Torrent2z comes from its popularity: it is a page with international access, we can find content from any country , whether or not it is translated into Spanish.

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