9 Alternatives For MejorTorrent For Torrent Download In 2023

9 Alternatives For MejorTorrent For Torrent Download In 2023

Torrenting is still in vogue today, despite the growing popularity of services like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video. However, many people continue to use torrent sites to find all kinds of files and download content from the Internet. One of the most popular online torrent sites is MejorTorrent.: A simple search on Google will not be able to confirm it (“mejorTorrent Alternatives that work”, “mejorTorrent 2023”, “mejorTorrent does not work” …) Portal with a lot of content between movies, series, music and computer games. According to the portal itself, it has a total of almost 60,000 torrent files for free download. Of course, be careful as most of these files are copyrighted and we do not recommend downloading them from tuexpert.com.

As usual in such cases, MejorTorrent had a lot of trouble with the law and it may not be the best option for torrenting and may even fail tomorrow. If BetterTorrent isn’t working or what you’re looking for isn’t on this platform, we’ve put together a selection of 9 alternative torrent sites that will work in 2023.

The best alternatives to Best Torrent when downloading movies, series and music in 2023

Note: torrent download pages are very unstable and what works today may not work tomorrow. On the date of publication of this article by tuexperto.com we have tested the operation of the pages, not only verifying that the domain works, but also accessing the download link. We will try to keep this article updated regularly, but we welcome any feedback that some of the portals have stopped working.

pirate bay

If you had to choose one, this would be the torrent download page from excellence. A really complete search engine that has all kinds of content, from movies and series to music, including documentaries, documents, files, programs or games. Despite his problems with the law, he continues to survive through different sectors.


If what you are looking for is an alternative BestTorrent page in 2021 to download torrents in Spanish Do not be devoured by advertising while you are immersed in the stream of movies and series, Todo CVCD is an excellent option. It has a simple interface, many torrent categories and, above all, very little advertising when browsing the different sections.

PCT Phoenix

You may find the above website very simplistic. If you are looking for a more attractive interface and what you want is a torrent of movies and series with a more careful look (and adding immersions to the options as if you were in a Netflix-like program) PCT Fenix ​​​​is a great alternative to BetterTorrent in Spanish .

Of course, keep in mind that the vast majority of content you find on this platform is highly likely to be copyright infringement, so proceed with caution. Also, it is a site that has a lot of fake ad pages and it can drive you a bit crazy.


Another option similar to the previous one, focused on torrenting in Spanish. It has a slightly worse interface, but the advantage is that the amount of advertising you are going to find right now searching for torrent movies and series It is very small, although it is still a good alternative to BestTorrent in 2023.

torrent funk

Another MejorTorrent alternative page that abuses a bit of advertising when you try to download torrents of all types. Perhaps what I liked most about this search engine is that it includes a system of hashtags or labels with the most sought-after torrent of the moment. Something that can help you decide when looking for content. Of course, you already know to be careful with copyright.

torrent movies

In this case, it is a Movie Torrents movie torrent search engine that has a really simple interface, so much so that it will make you suspect that it is a fake page. On the contrary, at least from our experience we were able to verify that it is fully operational in 2023 and what I liked the most is that the films can be grouped by year.

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We continue with torrent search engines with a simple interface. Torrentz is designed to serve as a gateway in that it is a search engine that collects links from torrents that you might find on other platforms. My impression is that its interface is very simple, but that web torrent running in 2023 fulfills its mission.


A torrent search engine that has become very popular lately, so it is not clear how long it will take to remove or change the domain. It is currently functional and has a very large amount of torrent focused on movies, series, music, games or documentaries.


Already a classic among torrent download sites. This portal focuses on offering content in Spanish and it is also very interesting that it shows you torrent download options in different video formats (even with several options to download the same torrent , in case one of them does not work). Of course, it will also try to hide on many advertising pages, so handle it carefully.

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