Easy Tips for Attract Customers to Startups

Easy Tips for Attract Customers to Startups

Even the greatest businesses, such as Netflix or 20bet.com/live/football didn’t have clients at the beginning. And if you have a startup, you should understand how to attract first customers. In this case, the following tips will help. 

Reach Out to People You Know

The easiest and most obvious way to find clients for a new business is to tell people you know, colleagues, friends, and relatives about it. You can mention the opening of a new business in a conversation, send out a messenger notification to everyone, or simply write a post on Facebook or another social networking site.

Of course, that won’t bring in many sales. But perhaps someone in your circle needs the products you offer, and will be able to place 2 or 3 orders. And this – an additional benefit: you can test how the business is running, and get constructive feedback. Your acquaintances are more loyal than any customers, so they’ll be able to point out flaws, and you’ll quickly fix them.

Run Targeted Ads on Social Media

Targeted ads are shown on social networks, not by direct user requests but to a specific target audience. The target audience is collected from competitors’ groups or adjusted independently, for example, by positions or behavioral factors.

Traffic from targeted advertising can also be directed to a website or within a social network to a group, community, company page. If you are going to create a group in a social network, form it properly. Immediately show what you do, instill confidence in visitors, give guarantees, take out instructions on how to order in a prominent place. To stimulate the growth of sales, to attract more subscribers to the group, run a contest. It is especially effective for B2C businesses. 

Start Working on Content Marketing

Content marketing is publishing content on your blog and on third-party sites. Content marketing can’t be called a quick tool for finding your first customers: it works for the long term.

But with the right approach, posting articles can bring your first customers right away. For example, if you publish an article, useful for the target audience, people will share it on social networks, advise acquaintances. Also on such materials, you can send traffic with contextual and targeted advertising. People who will search for information will click on the link in the ad, read the article and possibly make an order.

Run Cross-Marketing

Arrange for joint PR activity with another company. It’s important not to choose a competitor, but a business whose target audience is similar to yours. For example, if you’re building websites for small businesses, make friends with online services for entrepreneurs.

As part of the collaboration, you can:

  • Shoot a joint commercial.
  • Tell your email subscribers about the partnership and give a discount on each other’s products.
  • Place a banner or special offer on the partner’s site.

Don’t Refuse Outdoor Advertising

If you have an offline business and you’re newly opened, use outdoor advertising: for example, hang a sign or a poster. Man, who will be looking for services or products, will pay attention to it, and someone will come in out of curiosity and also buy something. The main thing is to make it immediately clear from the advertisement what you offer.

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