2 Best Free CSS and HTML Visual Editors Software Tools for Your Site

2 Best Free CSS and HTML Visual Editors Software Tools for Your Site

An important aspect to keep in mind is for those who are learning to program in CSS and HTML is the possibility of helping themselves in the creation of content by using visual editors.

If we are looking for a simple and easy to understand editor, you can opt for HTML Editor.

HTML Editor is an editor based on the WYSIWYG format, which stands for What You See Is What You Get, which would be the same as what you see is what you get.

The web interface is divided into two sections, the one on the left uses the online editor and formats the text and images, while the corresponding HTML code appears in the section on the right.

One of the advantages of HTML Editor is its complete panel of tools, from where we have the possibility of inserting all kinds of multimedia content, adding tables, displaying invisible characters or adding tables of content, among other options. Also, we have a character counter located in the lower right corner of the editing section.

Dreamweaver the perfect tool for HTML or CSS editing

If we are looking for a more professional editor for HTML or CSS editing, we can go for a classic, Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is used by almost 3 million web page owners in the design of their project, and it is even considered as a solid alternative to content editors.

Web design software, originally developed by Macromedia, is now part of Adobe Systems Creative Cloud as a proprietary product for macOS and Windows.

Dreamweaver combines a WYSIWYG editor with a high-performance coding engine, which contains various functions for developers, including syntax highlighting, automatic code completion, validation, and live preview. In addition to HTML5 and CSS, the software supports web standards like PHP, Java, JavaScript, ASP or XML, as well as CSS SASS, Less and SCSS preprocessors. Naturally, responsive design is also among its powers thanks to the integrated Bootstrap CSS framework.

The main drawback of it is that due to a large number of functions that the software contains and the high price that comes with acquiring the user license, it is more focused on the professional sector (designers and agencies).

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