GoPro HERO8 Black Sports and Action Camera

GoPro HERO8 Black Sports and Action Camera

The new model is compatible with external microphones and has some elements that give it more quality. We analyzed the GoPro Hero 8 Black camera for a few weeks, the last camera of the American firm, which as you know is renewed annually. Still making the best action cameras on the market, it has created a standard that did not exist before, both with camera mounts and the sports camera market. Yes, there are a thousand alternatives and cheaper copies, but the quality of the hardware is unrivaled. To take four photos on the beach, better try a cheaper alternative. But for more serious activities, skiing, diving, surfing … and a long etcetera, it is the best option.

GoPro Hero8 Black camera

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The new GoPro Hero 8 Black has some interesting updates on the 7. The most interesting is on the outside, in its design, the housing that connects the camera to the different fasteners of the brand, disappears after a decade. Probably, the system that they already tested in the Fusion launched last year, to which it did not make sense due to its size to include a casing and made the fastening removable, is the reason for the new design, where they can be removed and inserted when necessary. The system is a success, eliminates an unnecessary additional component, is very simple to use and just as effective in attaching the camera.

The next major update on the GoPro 7 is Hypersmooth mode which is changed to 2.0, it improves by adding better stabilization and is now capable of recording at any resolution in this mode. The Hypersmooth is a fantastic effect, with which accelerated video with a high degree of stabilization is achieved, for example, while walking, with an almost cinematic result. Compared to its predecessor, improvement is seen, but only in situations with a high degree of inclination or rocking, for example walking, the result is the same. What we really liked, is that in the new model the Hypersmooth can be interrupted, record at normal speed and return to the same format again; all in the same video, with an impressive result.

Another novelty that we will find in GoPro Hero 8 Black is the menu of the camera itself that has been simplified to the maximum. To change the camera settings, previously we had to navigate a few options within the menu to get everything ready, which was very little agile when going from one recording mode to another. Now you can create different recording profiles, and practically with two taps, you can change from one mode to another.

As you can see we have not talked about resolutions or image quality that, although there are surely improvements in HDR and Protune, these are minimal and the image and video resolution the same as previous models. In short, it is a step forward and a new generation of GoPro cameras with interesting updates, but it hardly warrants an update.

We will have to see what happens when GoPro launches the accessories of the GoPro Hero 8 Black for the “Youtubers”, which consist of a microphone, a second folding screen for the selfie mode and a lighting spotlight. Will the most active profiles of social networks stop using the mobile to use a GoPro? That is the question. These accessories are not yet available, but we can’t wait to try them out.

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