How to Track a Cell Phone by Satellite

How to Track a Cell Phone by Satellite

Searching for mobile phone by satellite is something that can be most interesting for us to find a person or track a stolen or lost mobile phone.

Although it may sound a bit strange and even illegal, it is something very interesting as long as it is not used to violate the privacy of others. Being able to locate a mobile phone by satellite can help us in an emergency or safeguard our personal information in case of loss or theft.

Locating a phone number by satellite, in addition to being possible, is also free and there are many tools with which we can do it.

Trace mobile number current location through satellite

We should know that there are two types of tools to locate a phone number by satellite.

Those that require an invitation and user acceptance, which are generally free, although some of its additional functions may be paid and require a subscription.

Those of the spy type that, in addition to locating the telephone number, is capable of monitoring calls, text messages, email, the Internet and even the applications installed by the user. This type of application is generally paid.

Although it may seem illegal, this type of application can be interesting as a parenteral solution to take care of children or prevent thefts or to supervise the work of employees.

What methods do we have to locate an Android phone by satellite?

If our phone is an Android, the easiest way is to use the official Google method. In case of loss or theft, this method allows you to find, block or delete all the data and it is automatically activated when we add our Google account to the device.

For us to locate a mobile it must be turned on, have previously accessed a Google account, be connected to the internet, be visible in Google Play, have the GPS activated in addition to having clicked on “find my device” in the options Of configuration.

If all this is fulfilled we can find the device through a computer with our Google account.

From there we can make the device issue an alarm at maximum volume for five minutes, block the device with the PIN code or with our password or delete all the information on the phone, but be careful, by choosing this option we can no longer track it again all user information will be erased.

How to locate an iPhone?

As in the case of an Android, this method requires that the “Find my iPhone” app be active on the device. If so, we can track the phone from a computer by activating the “Lost Mode” option, so that the device is locked remotely with a code, in addition to displaying the message that we want on the screen.

We also can delete the content of the device to prevent access to the information, but as with an Android phone, after deleting the information it is not possible to search the device again.

Apple phones also have the advantage that if the device is turned off or at the moment or is not connected to the internet when activating any of the lost mode options if we choose the option of blocking or deleting data, as soon as the device connects to the internet the action will be effective.

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