Has someone hacked your webcam? Here’s how to stop cyber-snoopers

Has someone hacked your webcam? Here’s how to stop cyber-snoopers

A few months ago the director of the FBI, James Comey affirmed his concern about the illegal use, as a method of espionage, of the webcam of our computers. The fact is a much more common practice than we can imagine, even making sure that the NSA makes random captures of Yahoo users every five minutes.

The webcams of our computers are capable of offering too much information about us to any “snooper” as if we are at home or not, when we go out, what time we go to sleep…

So the FBI director himself, at the time, assured that he himself carried out a simple action: cover up the webcam, which can be done in the easiest way in the world by using a piece of tape. A practice that protects our security.

Comey has encouraged everyone to do this on their computers, something that can only take a minute and can give us the necessary security and privacy, similar to when we close the door of our house.

And nobody better to know this than the director of the FBI, since both the FBI and the NSA have been responsible for spreading malware to spy through the cameras of many internet users.

The development of the internet has meant that today we are surrounded by a multitude of devices connected to the network, which poses a risk to our security, such as a simple, easily hackable webcam. Putting a piece of tape can be very simple, but something like an iPatch can be better than a simple strip of tape.

But what is the iPatch? It is simply something as simple as an advertising support system that acts as a manual security system. Something completely effective that easily solves the security problem of our webcam. A simple merchandising item that will win the brand in image-making consumers feel safe with the brand.

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