Are you looking for alternatives to T411, the famous torrent site? You are therefore at the right address!

Since the site’s closure, following a police operation in the framework of the fight against piracy, new platforms have been launched. To help you find them, we’ve gone around the web to list the best alternatives to T411.

Everyone will undoubtedly find the torrent site that they like the most!


The BitTorrent QuebecTorrent tracker was created in 2006 in Canada. In 2008, Canadian justice succeeded in shutting down QuebecToorent by relying on copyright law. t441 then takes over by recovering the torrents, the existing website as well as the many members. Then, in 2011, became and thus freed itself from possible attacks by VeriSign (American company managing the * .com site).

In 2013, t411 became the first French-speaking tracker with more than 5 million members. Thus, the torrent site T411 before its closure offered many torrent files. This is another download method, not to be confused with direct download or streaming.

In 2017, the largest French-speaking peer-to-peer site was closed following a judicial investigation. French law enforcement, in cooperation with the Swedish police, put an end to a very juicy business for the owners of the site.

Indeed, the gains from the torrent platform were estimated at between 6 and 7 million euros per year.

This investigation had started in 2014 after a complaint from Sacem (Society of Authors, Composers, and Music Publishers) later supported by ALPA (Association for the Fight against Audiovisual Piracy).

On the T411 site, hundreds of thousands of files are illegally exchanged: films, series, music, ebooks and other content.

As for Zone-DOWNLOAD, another illegal sharing site, replacement solutions have since flourished on the net. Also, here are the best alternatives to T411.



After the fall of the Torrent T411 site, YggTorrent took the bull by the horns to offer Internet users several types of files, such as applications, ebooks, video games, music, documentaries, etc.

Internet users can also find many TV shows.

Warning! It is a semi-private tracker. The user must, therefore, register on the platform, while keeping a ratio above 1.

Note that YggTorrent is one of the best download sites since it is 2nd in the list of the most visited.

OMG Torrent

If you are looking for an alternative to Torrent T411, OMG Torrent is for sure! Why? Since this torrent site brings together a large database of files: over 800,000. There are many torrent files, such as movies or TV series.

Extremely pervasive advertising is the only downside that can be cited. However, be aware that the site is entirely in French. What could be better?

Remember that the OMG Torrent platform works in partnership with Cpasbien.


Cpasbien is, without a doubt, the new reference of the torrent in the four corners of the world, and especially in France.

So, to visit this site, it is highly recommended to install an effective ad blocker on your search engine.

Why? The platform is filled with banners and pop-ups. In addition, the user must register on the site to download the desired files for free.


After the closure of the Torrent T411 platform, many sites were launched on the web, such as Torrent9. This is a French torrent site.

It contains many files to download in seconds, such as video games, applications, etc.

Also, remember that site administrators change the domain name on a regular basis. Why? Since this public tracker is still threatened with closure.

The Pirate Bay

If you don’t like the alternatives to the Torrent T411 site listed above, The Pirate Bay is definitely for you.

This download platform offers fans of torrent files a large content to download for free.

Basically, there are millions of files in all languages and for all countries. To learn more, feel free to take a look at the site.

Remember that the site frequently changes its domain name.


Unlike some platforms, 1337X filters uploaded files very precisely. Thus, you will not find poor quality and/or misleading files, only high quality with or without subtitles.

In addition, the content offered is carefully organized in the form of categories, which makes research easy to conduct and very effective. So you can easily download your movies, series, and other files.

This alternative to the Torrent T411 site also offers visitors a “Library” which lists summaries and ratings given to films and TV series available on the site.

With so many assets, it has everything to become one of the best torrent sites.


Torrentz2 is an increasingly recommended torrent tracker for people looking for a very rare torrent file.

It is a meta-search engine that combines the results of many torrent platforms. Thus, the visitor will have access to millions of files. This will make it easier for you to download a movie or download music for free.

Streaming fans will surely fall in love with (formerly It’s a great platform that allows users to watch video content instantly.

The site features the latest movies, TV shows, video games, music, cartoons, food, and more.

To find the desired file, simply type your request on the search bar available at the top, and voila.

Elite Tracker

On Elite Tracker, lovers of torrent files can find video games, music, ebooks … and documentaries.

The presentation of the files is very well done. In addition, visitors can also view tutorials available on the site, or access the self-help area.

Good news! The site does not contain any advertising. It is therefore stable and well secured. Admittedly, this is not one of the best-known alternatives to Torrent T411, but it will no doubt take the place it deserves in the coming months.

Warning! This platform is not open to the public. It is only available by invitation.


iDope is among the best alternatives to the Torrent T411 site.

It is a site that has been carefully done by professionals to make it very easy for fans to find the content they are looking for and to make it easier to download torrents.

After this list of the best torrent sites, here are some platforms for downloading eBooks.


Besides the sites we just mentioned, there are many platforms where you can download free PDF free books. Here are the most popular Torrent T411 alternatives for ebooks:


FreeBook is arguably one of the best places to download free PDF books. To find out more, just take a look at the platform.


On Bookboon, there are millions of eBooks in PDF. To find the book you are looking for, just type the title on the search bar. That’s all!

Library Genesis

At Library Genesis, there are millions of books available in ePUB and PDF formats for free download.

All files are categorized into several categories, which makes searching easier and easier.

Free Computer Books

If you’re interested in the world of science, Free Computer Books is a real gold mine. The site contains thousands of PDF eBooks available for free download.

Note that the list of sites that we have just cited is not exhaustive.


Finally, a little reminder about the use of the torrent protocol. It is by no means illegal. The same goes for direct download.

What can make it illegal to use these different platforms are downloaded files. Indeed, literary, cinematographic or video games are subject to copyright. They cannot, therefore, be exchanged/distributed in this way.

By downloading torrents, you are therefore subject to the laws of the country. The “High Authority for the Diffusion of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet”. Its purpose is to protect copyright.

Note that when downloading a torrent, unless you go through a seedbox, you are in no way anonymous on the internet and you risk very quickly receiving a letter from HADOPI.

Indeed, in peer-to-peer, your IP address appears in clear and can, therefore, be noted by the competent authorities. To work around this problem, using a VPN will be highly recommended in order to hide it.


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