What is Phubbing, main Disadvantages and how to overcome it?

What is Phubbing, main Disadvantages and how to overcome it?

Technology, in many ways, makes people’s lives easier. Today, the Internet, along with mobile phones are two extremely vital tools for any situation from staying informed, communicating and even working.

However, there is a severe problem, and it is related to the constant use of technology by users. When an individual spends too much time with the mobile in hand and does not release it even during lunch, we are talking about addiction to smartphones.

People are in a state that leads them to distance themselves from the environment around them. This phenomenon is known as “Phubbing“. What exactly? What are its disadvantages? How can you overcome it? We will explain it to you!

What is Phubbing, and what does this act consist of?

The term comes from the combination of two Anglo-Saxon words: “Phone” and “Snubbing“. It consists of the act of voluntarily excluding or neglecting the people around you, and the situations that occur around you to give higher priority to the mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or any technological device.

Usually, the number of applications and social networks you use, added to the almost unlimited Internet connection, only intensify the symptoms of addiction, leading you to distance yourself from your friends, family, and partner.

How does Phubbing affect our social relationships?

Phubbing involves a series of conflicts on a psychological and emotional level (1). These problems affect social relationships; especially in adolescence. For children and young people, smartphones are very eye-catching. In fact, for many of them, it is their primary source of entertainment. There is so much addiction that leads them to ignore family and friends.

However, no-show does not only occur in less than age. It is also a behaviour that young and old adults can exhibit. The simple presence of a mobile phone at the work table, in a meeting between friends, in a relationship or the family environment, is already a sufficient signal to begin to suspect about the effects of phubbing.

Numerous studies indicate that 60% of the conflicts caused in the home are due to the excessive use of technological devices. Loss of trust, closeness, and especially communication are just some of the ills that no one can generate.

Among its other consequences, the following stand out:

  • Drastic reduction in school performance.
  • Shyness or the inability to face intimidating social situations.
  • Attention and concentration deficit.
  • Instability in the psychological state.
  • Complications to deal with emotions.
  • Misalignment of the determined hours for eating and sleeping.
  • Lack of social skills (even with the family).
  • Significant increase in depression and anxiety.

Causes of No-Blunder Why does a person commit this behaviour?

Firstly, the fascination with mobile devices can be mentioned as the cause of phubbing. To be more specific, to the world of social networks. By spending so much time, you end up isolating yourself from the other people around you. This is due to the feeling generated by multiple notifications of belonging to a group, and also due to the immediate satisfaction made by getting interactions on the Internet.

Another one of the causes of the ningufoneo is the fear of the exclusion. Product of missing an event or conversation in trend. This fear has the definitive reason: Lack of self-control. A person without self-control is more likely to fall for technology addiction.

Learn how to avoid Phubbing so that it doesn’t destroy your friendships

Getting rid of addiction by technological devices is not a simple thing. However, with a few small changes in your routine, you can improve your social relationships. Small actions, like turning off the phone, make a difference. Especially if you are a father or mother, and you need to set a good example for your children. Learn how to avoid Phubbing so as not to destroy your friends.

Take good note of this:

Disconnect on vacation

During the holidays, look for recreational activities to do with your family or friends. Go for a walk, visit a park, take a trip. Of course, without the mobile. In any case, you can mute notifications and leave only the primary ones. The important thing is to reconnect with your environment.

Resolve conflicts head-on

Do not try to solve a problem via mobile. Find ways to deal with emotional situations face to face. In this way, your social skills will be strengthened.

Teach your children

Children, at a very young age, must learn to deal with their emotions. Motivate them to discuss their concerns so that they are not lost on the mobile screen. This will help you develop emotionally stable adults.

Create a mobile parking

When gathering with your family or friends, use a small basket for all the guests to place their mobile there. In this way, for the duration of the meeting, no one can use the phone. In this way, you will be promoting direct communication between people.

Don’t Phubbing Who Does It To You.

If you meet your partner, a coworker or friend, and start interacting with their phone, don’t do the same. You would be implying that using a mobile phone during a meeting is normal behaviour. Wait for him to finish and point out that you prefer to have a smooth and seamless conversation.

Ningufoneo vs Nomofobia What are the differences between both?

While no-talk refers to the act of ignoring the environment to pay more attention to mobile devices, nomophobia represents the irrational fear of staying away from the mobile for some time.

Both behaviours are based on addiction to technology since the mobile phone becomes the social centre of the person. The terms complement each other since an individual who presents no numbness is prone to also suffer from nomophobia. Dealing with social situations without a mobile device, such as leaving the house, can cause stress and mild despair.

People prefer to stay socially isolated, so they forget about their social skills.

Enjoy life and disconnect from your mobile for a while following these tips.

It is possible that you are a victim of Phubbing and you have not noticed. If this is the case, limiting the use of the mobile phone is essential to resume contact with your surroundings. If you want to fight addiction, start enjoying life and disconnect from the phone by following these simple tips.

Create standards

Establish a schedule of use for the mobile, tablet, or video game console. Prohibit using the phone during meals, and try to stick as much as possible to the schedule.

Sleep without mobile

Try to get rid of your mobile at least an hour before going to sleep. Addiction causes you to lose control of your sleep habits, so it is recommended to silence notifications, lower the screen brightness and locate the phone in another room to avoid the temptation to check it at night.

Don’t use it when studying.

Make sure that your children do not have a mobile phone nearby while they are studying. The smartphone represents a distraction, which can worsen your school performance. Establish conditions of use, and clarify that you will return it when your task is finished.

Turn off the data while you’re together.

If you plan to meet a colleague, or a group of friends, try to disable mobile data. If the place you are targeting has a Wi-Fi connection, then disable that option as well. The important thing is to promote the conversation.

Switch off the mobile phone

At family gatherings, meals, or outings with friends, turn off the phone. Dedicate the rest of the day to the people around you. If you need to have it turned on for an emergency, then mute the notifications, and only leave those that are important activities.

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