What most people ignore when choosing a career

What most people ignore when choosing a career

What goes on in your head when you begin your higher education or plan on starting a career? It is surely a tough decision, but you can handle this vital part of your life smoothly with the proper guidance and planning. Unlike early men, we have many vocations to choose from. Unlike our grandparents, we have even more choices for a career than our elders could have imagined. Continuing that trend, we can say that our future generations, or our children, will have much more choices than we do. Think about it. Digital marketing, videography, blogging, coding, and such careers were not options in our parents’ age. The same way, our children will be doing jobs that are not even invented yet. The world changes, our way of living changes, and our work change accordingly. Just like the industrial revolution caused many manual jobs to be overtaken by machines, the digital revolution is causing many people to run out of a job or upgrade their skills. 

When you think about which career you will pursue, you must consider the past, the present and the future alike. 

What you can learn from the past:

If you look at trends, you will notice how specific fields have changed over time, causing drastic shifts in employment and job sectors. Unlike the medical field, which hasn’t vanished or turned on its head, except becoming heavily digital, other fields like word processing have been replaced by software that can do a person’s job at ten times more speed and ten times less cost. Looking into the past means that you should take lessons from those who were not flexible in their careers and were wiped out of the picture because of the changing currents of time and innovation. It also means studying statistics and reading research material to look for patterns in the past so that you can predict the future as accurately as you can.

What you need to look for in the future:

Your career will keep you running for the rest of your life. It does not just work, but the money and social benefits you gain from your profession give your life support and meaning. You wouldn’t just grab on to any career you like right now without thinking of your future. It isn’t easy to switch professions or start anew after a certain age. To that end, you must choose wisely keeping in mind where the future is headed. Careers in digital fields like coding, cybersecurity, data science, robotics, AI and machine learning are some of the most promising future choices. Even in the computer science field, some options have a better future than others.

What you need to see in the present:

When you look for a career trajectory, you must make sure that you are securing your future and considering your present. Availability of sources, the feasibility of operations and requirements of your current state, are some of the factors that should weigh in on your decision. For example, trying to manufacture a replacement for metal on a large scale may be an excellent bet for the future, but if it is not feasible to produce it in the present, then it is nothing but a waste of your time. Some things only work out when the right time arrives. If our grandparents wanted to start a career as a life coach, they probably would have been laughed at by people and gotten little to no business, but in 2021, we can seriously consider that as a full-time career.

In the end, whether you choose to pursue an online ethical hacking course or a digital marketing course, make sure that you have thought it through with both your heart and your mind.

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