Different Types of SEOS You Need To Know

Different Types of SEOS You Need To Know

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extensive and diverse type of service, with it being able to supply different services depending on the client’s wants and needs. In Sydney alone, various types of SEOs present distinct advantages depending on the client’s needs. For a Sydney client, their website optimization will work towards gaining the right audience within Australia first, before moving worldwide.

Some SEO versions work better with small local tight-knit communities, while others would be better with those willing to purchase things quickly. Since there is such variety in SEOs, one must be in contact with the right services such as SEO Sydney services Australia. This sort of company will help one plan out their SEO plan well. Pointing out to the client the correct type of marketing plan and SEO type depending on the market and scale they aim to achieve.

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The various types of SEOs are

  1. Local SEO
  2. eCommerce SEO
  3. Lead Generation SEO

Local SEO:

Local SEOs, as the name suggests, focuses on improving the ranking and visibility of the client’s website among local communities. Using a local SEO method, one can enhance their regional marketing strategy; for example, by employing SEO Sydney services in Australia, they will target the right audience in Sydney with ease.

People are more likely to use their phones to search for information on local stores and products than on a computer, and a regional marketing strategy boosts the clients’ presence on such searches. By having one’s website pop up, it encourages customers to buy their product. Eighty percent of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase in the next 24 hours, making one’s presence on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) vital. Even if the customer does not buy a product, with 4 in 5 people using Google Maps to find the information, other people will discover the client’s product through word of mouth.

eCommerce SEO:

While SEOs need to bring viewers to the client’s website, it can be even better if it could make those viewers more likely to purchase a product or bring in the type of people who are going to spend on the product. With the use of eCommerce SEOs, the client’s marketing campaign can be ultra-precise targeting and specialized. It connects the client with customers who are actively searching for their product and service. And so they are more likely to purchase the product, either offline after viewing the website or online. Either way, this will improve the company’s sales while also increasing the client’s ranking on web browsers. With SEO services enhancing one’s website by making it more user friendly and targeted, it can make the website more competitive while also improving the client company’s current and future sales.

Lead Generation SEO:

With the use of an SEO, if a client increases the number of views and ranking, it does not matter if they are still not converting any of these new viewers into customers. That is where lead generation SEOs come into play. Through the use of various strategies, they aim to convert all potential leads to returning paying customers. By doing so, they aim to improve the revenue of the company. And most companies that employ lead generation SEOs do not merely hear that they are converting leads. They usually are provided with various sets of data, such as tracking the sign-up process and sales funnel to see how many of the leads they are converting into paying customers.


While these are not the only SEO methods that are employed, they are the ones that are essential for most companies. Since the implementation of these strategies varies due to several factors, the employing companies must know what they want and know which companies provide the best SEO services.

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