How OnePlus became the World’s Largest Smartphone Company in 2021

How OnePlus became the World’s Largest Smartphone Company in 2021

In 2020, BBK Electronics sold 19% of new smartphones worldwide, according to Counterpoint Research. BBK Electronics’ impact in Southeast Asia has been nothing short of phenomenal, as its sales have skyrocketed. Nonetheless, the success story of BBK Electronics’ brands doesn’t end here. Some of its best offerings are OnePlus mobiles, which people prefer to buy, and these phones have a fan following everywhere. Too many people worldwide, Duan Yongping, BBK Electronics’s founder, is known as the Godfather of the Chinese smartphone industry. Mostly unknown to the western world until about four to five years ago, Chinese smartphones have made up for a lost time. Although the company’s sub-brands operate in their own right, the parent BBK Electronics is central to investment. Each sub-brand offers something novel, and styles, designs, and components are kept varied so that consumers find no common aspects. Keeping handsets interesting, OnePlus is a brand that offers the much-vaunted ‘OnePlus experience.’

OnePlus Independence

In 1999, BBK Electronics underwent a restructuring in how it operates. It was divided into three businesses, all separate from Audiovisual Electronics, Education Electronics, and Communications Electronics. In 2004, the division of audiovisual electronics led to the inception of Oppo. Gradually, the other sub-brands took shape. Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus have emerged as independent companies, and this may be a sales strategy adopted by the parent company. Commercially, producing different brands permits BBK Electronics to spread its tentacles across varied smartphone categories. These range from budget to premium. You may get a OnePlus 5G phone, but other specifications may be average to balance the price. The oneplus mobile price is very reasonable for the the best features on a very limited budget. If the mobile price is pocket-friendly, then it becomes a hot selling phone in the market. This strategy also enables the company to target different market segments with distinct strategies for promotion. Spokespeople of BBK Electronics have stated that OnePlus is an independent company, but the investors are common. 

The Birth of OnePlus

In 2008, when smartphones were coming into their own with brands like Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola grabbing the headlines, Oppo debuted the Smile Phone, paving the way for new affordable smartphones. In 2013, Oppo launched OnePlus to focus on consumers. It claimed that the new OnePlus smartphone offered consumers premium specifications at inexpensive price points. OnePlus mobiles have since ruled the Indian and world smartphone spheres, with budget phones possessing great processors and cameras. 

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OnePlus Foresight

OnePlus has maintained its stance on its smartphone being manufactured for the “nerd” community. Claiming that OnePlus phones appeal to the young, especially students, OnePlus maintains that their phones have hi-tech specifications and features that students can afford. Popular in India, OnePlus captured 33% of the market share of 5G smartphones in Q1 2021. Since the Asian sub-continent dominates the global smartphone market, sales are the highest. Smartphones like OnePlus have ruled the roost, overtaking sales figures of giants like Apple and Samsung. Sub-brands like OnePlus, derived from a parent company, can have a say in the supply chain due to higher purchase volumes. For instance, OnePlus can afford to keep profit margins low because of the sheer volume of sales. This is how they give consumers affordable smartphones with smart specifications at costs much lower than the flagship phones. For instance, you can get a OnePlus 5G phone, the OnePlus Nord 5G, for half the cost of flagship phones. Plus, you get large battery capacities at 4,000mAh and above and up to 12GB RAM. Furthermore, the OnePlus makes phones with faster processors, like the Snapdragon 865 SoC in its OnePlus 8T 5G phones, and you get performance standards of the highest level. 

Staggering Success

In Q2 of 2020, OnePlus managed to beat the leading smartphone brand, Huawei, amidst the pandemic. Reaching an astonishing market presence of 51% in Southeast Asia, OnePlus gained control of the smartphone market. The world was watching, and this prompted western markets to explore this once-unknown brand. With plans to expand research and development departments, OnePlus only hopes to grow. The unmatched proposition of a superior smartphone experience, especially in its 5G future-ready phones at great value prices, has made OnePlus reach an elevated position. Indian sales account for one-third of OnePlus mobiles’ international revenues. OnePlus stands second only to Apple in the premium category, and this says a lot about its rise. 

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Forging Ahead

As a fledgling company, OnePlus ran a clever strategy for marketing one of its first models, the OnePlus 1, in 2014. It was introduced under an invite-only protocol. This created so much hype around its launch, and consumers were anxious to find out more. At the time, its components were impressive, with a Snapdragon 801 chipset and a 5.5-inch display. The CyanogenMod OS version of Android OS was a flagship system at that time, and it sold for half the cost of the iPhone 6. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4, out then too, was relatively expensive, and consumers grabbed the OnePlus 1 with open arms.

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