How to unlock a phone using the IMEI number

How to unlock a phone using the IMEI number

As a general rule, all mobile phone operators deliver the mobiles they offer with their contracts in such a way that they cannot be used by the competition. If we want to use that mobile with a card from any other company, there is no other option but to release the terminal.

The IMEI code allows the function of blocking the phone if necessary, for example, if it is stolen, simply communicating the code to our telephone company can prevent calls from being made from the terminal. Another possibility offered by the IMEI code is to unlock the mobile phone, locked by our company, regardless of brand or model.

The IMEI is an international identity code for a mobile phone, it is a code that uniquely identifies each device anywhere in the world and is transmitted automatically by the phone when connected to a network.

Unlocking phones by IMEI is the best and safest way to unlock a mobile. With the code unlock, the phone is permanently liberalized so that it can be used without any problem with any company, without losing the manufacturer’s warranty.

The IMEI code of all phones is obtained by dialing *#06# and the unlocking process is very simple. In general, it is only necessary to insert a SIM card from another operator. As soon as the phone detects that it is not from the company for which it was prepared, it will ask for a release code, a code of about 8 to 16 numbers. Depending on the brand of the phone, the steps to follow will vary slightly.

Unlock your HTC in the most comfortable way

HTC is among the most sought-after phone brands to unlock, you don’t need advanced technical knowledge to unlock it.

The HTC One can be released simply by entering the corresponding IMEI, the unlock is forever, even if the device is updated, it does not erase the information or photos on the phone and can be done comfortably from home, being able to receive Conveniently email the code so you can use any phone card in a couple of hours.

The HTC One S is an ideal phone for those looking for great hardware in a very compact space, with an exclusive design. A device designed in one piece with a metallic finish and rounded edges, of a superior category.

A device that stands out for its lightness, weighing 119.5 grams and a 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 540 × 960 pixels, with a multi-panel design that allows quick access to what you have recently accessed through three touches on the screen.

The HTC One S features an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus, face recognition, smiles, and a smart LED flash.

The HTC One A9 can also be unlocked simply and quickly using the IMEI code through the same system. Enter the unaccepted SIM card, the message NETWORK LOCK or SIM CARD UNLOCK PIN will appear, dial the unlock code and mark OK if this does not work mark CODE2 press OK.

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