How to Create an App? Fully Explained

How to Create an App? Fully Explained

Each and everyone from a start-up business to a developed business needs app. So now the question for most of the people is how to create an app? 

Many people assume that creating an app is a huge milestone but we are here to guide you with a step by step guide to make you understand the easiest possibilities to create an app. Just before looking at that, we will look at the benefits of creating an app. 

What are benefits of creating an app: 

  • Creating an app helps an engagement with the customer.
  • It increases brand awareness.
  • You will be able to have a direct one-on-one conversation and engagement with your clients or customers. 
  • Helps in improving customer loyalty. 
  • Fastest mode to communicate with clients. 
  • Customer preference data or any of the customer-related data can be collected by creating an app. 

Get few app ideas: 

You should know that there are about 4 million apps available in google play and apple app as well. Most of the apps will be based on the combination of the latest apps ideas and old apps ideas. You can think out of the box to create an app or else you can even follow these techniques given below: 

  • To get a great result, you will have to do a small twist in the existing app’s idea or combine ideas from your favourite apps. For instance, a lot of mobile games are available either to play online or offline. The interest changes tremendously when the feature is changed into social and multiplayer. Change little ideas like this to develop your app tremendously.
  • You can choose to improve the app that is available earlier by adding useful or interesting features. Or if you see an existing app is not updating, if you have a piece of an idea, you can update to make it a better app.

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Steps to create an app: 

Want to know the steps for How to create an app? Here is the easiest method to create an app. Usually, steps remain the same for most of the app-creating platforms, but there can be few tweaks, depending upon the platform you are using. 

Step 1: 

Go to any website that enables you to create an app from scratch. 

Step 2: 

When the website appears, scroll down and click on the create app option. 

Step 3: 

Now a list of categories to create an app may it be to generate monetization also can be created. The main category is you can create apps for individual purposes or for business purposes. 

The next different categories available are creating websites, wallpapers, browsers, media players, messengers, photo editors, mobile TV, games and more apps can be created using this. 

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Step 4: 

Now let’s see an instance regarding creating a messenger app:

  • First, when you select on the messenger few conditions will appear. Read that and click on the option next. 
  • Then you have to set a background image. For that near the background image, click on the ‘attach file’ and add an image as your background. 
  • Scroll down, if you want to add any of the URL or other information in the required field; you can go ahead. Add the details and click next. 
  • In the next page, you have to set an app name, add any name as per your desire and continue it by clicking next. 
  • Write a description for the app and then click next. (suggestion: keep it a little catchy so that it can attract other users). Click next to continue to the next page.
  • Then you will have to set an icon. You have two options: either default or custom icon. If you check on the default icon, you have to select on the icons that are available already. If you have an icon for your app, then you can choose custom and click on the upload option and set an icon for your app. Click next after completing as said above.
  • After completing all the steps instructed above, click on the create option. 
  • At the top, there is an option called download app; by clicking it you can also download this app. There will be a QR code, scan that from your phone to download the app. 
  • At the menu of the website, there is an option for you to publish the app or monetize the app. 
  • Revenue can be generated even by placing the ads. 

Now you have created an app. It’s time to make it popular. 

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