Easiest Ways to Recover Deleted Calendar on iPad/iPhone/iPod

Easiest Ways to Recover Deleted Calendar on iPad/iPhone/iPod

Can I recover deleted calendar items on iPhone?

Calendar is a very useful preloaded application for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). It helps you manage your schedule, especially when you are very busy. This app also reminds you of important appointments and events like meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more, especially if you are a distracted man or woman.

How to recover iPhone calendar

What if you deleted the calendar by mistake without any backup? What would you do if you lost your calendar in an iPhone accident? All those calendar loss situations can happen to you suddenly. If you are experiencing those embarrassing situations, you come to the right place. Here we will share two solutions (with iPhone backup and without iPhone backup) to recover deleted calendar on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

No Backup: Recover Calendar Events from iPhone/iPad/iPod Directly

If you delete your calendar on iPhone without any backup files, then you need a third-party tool, iOS Calendar Recovery. This calendar app can help you recover deleted calendar from iPhone, iPad or iPod directly, and save calendar to PC or Mac for backup. Highly compatible with iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/SE/6/5/4/3GS, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPod touch 5/6, se recover deleted calendars without any backup. First of all, free download this software on your PC or Mac, install it and launch it.

Step 1: Scan iOS device

Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable, and this software will detect your device automatically. Select the Recover from iOS device and click the Start Scan button . And the software will start scanning your device.

Scan device

Step 2: Recover Deleted Calendars

Once the scan is finished, all the contents of your iPhone/iPad/iPod will appear on the interface. Select Calendar on the left panel and you can see the calendar details on the right side. Select your preferred calendar items and click Recover button. Then the deleted calendar will be saved to your computer.

Recover calendarYou can use this software to recover other deleted data. How to recover deleted iPhone MMS by clicking on “messages” and “Message attachments”. Additionally, iPad data recovery or iPod file restore are available. To ensure the calendar recovery is successful, you should not add or delete data on your device after deleting the calendar.

Backed up: Restore calendars from a backup file

If you backup iPhone to iCloud or backup iPhone to iTunes, you will be lucky to recover lost calendar from iCloud/iTunes backup.

Forcibly restore lost calendar and reminders from iCloud backup file

Step 1: Go to www.icloud.com on your PC browser, sign in to your iCloud account (Forgot iCloud password ?Fix it now.)
Step 2: Find “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Restore calendars and reminders” to find your latest backup in iCloud and click to confirm, click “Restore” to recover your deleted calendars from iCloud backup. But you should know from the pop-up reminder that all scheduled events will be canceled and recreated, and the calendars and reminders file you have selected will replace the calendars and reminders on all your devices. Your calendars and reminders will be archived.

Restore Canlendar from iCloud

This way, you have to take more risks. And you will have to forcibly reset your reminders at the same time.

Recover deleted calendars optionally from iCloud

If you just want to recover calendars from iCloud backup and always keep current calendar events on iPhone without deleting, then iOS Calendar Recovery will also do you a favor. Still launch this application on your computer at first.

Step 1: Scan iCloud Backup File

After launching this program on your PC, select the third recovery mode, Recover from iCloud Backup File, launch Sign in to your iCloud account and browse to the desired backup file, click Download. Then you have to choose Calendar file type to backup. Hit the Next button to scan your iCloud backup file.

Recover from iCloud

Step 2: Restore Calendar from iCloud

After finishing the scanning process, click Calendar on the left side to view all calendar events in the right window. Choose one or multiple calendar events, click the Recover button on the right to recover your deleted or lost calendars on your PC or Mac as HTML file . You can read it directly in your browser directly.

Recover Calendar from iCloud

Recover Calendars from iTunes Backup File

If you don’t backup calendar to iCloud, but sync iPhone calendar with iTunes on your computer, you can still recover calendar from iTunes backup file. However, restoring iPhone from iTunes backup will recover all data (text messages, contacts, music, movies, calendars, notes, etc.) at once. If you just want to recover the calendar, you should refer to the following method to restore your calendar from iTunes. Again, iOS Calendar Recovery will work this time.

Step 1: Scan iTunes Backup

Run this powerful program on your PC, choose the second recovery mode, Recover from iTunes Backup File, search and Click on your iPhone backup, start scanning your iTunes backup on this computer by clicking Start Scan.

Scan iTunes backup

Step 2: Recover iTunes Calendar

After completing the scan, you will see all iTunes backup data category screens on the left side. Click Calendar to preview all calendar events in details on the right. Select the calendars you want to recover from iTunes backup, click Recover to download deleted or lost calendars to your PC. If you select “Text Messages”, here you can also recover messages from iTunes backup.

Scan iTunes backupAre the above four ways helpful to recover or restore your lost or deleted calendars on iPhone/iPad/iPod? Give it a try and find the easiest way to get your own trial version.

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FAQ on how to recover deleted calendar from iPhone

1. Where did my iPhone calendar events go?

Sometimes your old iPhone calendar events are missing, you can head to Settings > Notifications > Calendar and activate the Allow notifications option.

2. Why aren’t my Calendar events showing up on iPhone?

Various reasons can cause Calendar events not to appear on iPhone. For example, a bad network connection, an iOS system update or downgrade, a jailbreak, or an accidental deletion.

3. Can deleted data from iPhone be recovered?

It seems impossible to recover iPhone data after a factory reset. But you can still recover iPhone data with iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

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