How to Recover our Deleted Photos on WhatsApp

How to Recover our Deleted Photos on WhatsApp

Practically it has happened to everyone, suddenly we realize that we do not see any of the photos on WhatsApp we are looking for does not appear or appears blurred and if we touch on the photo we realize that it does not exist. The problem is because the photo has been erased from our memory and cannot be displayed.

Not everything is lost, if we have accidentally deleted the photos and want to recover them it is possible, let’s see how we can do it.

1. Download them again

You have already tried it, but it is the easiest step before going older. In some cases WhatsApp allows you to download the photos again after deleting them by simply clicking on the download button.

This download can be done when the deletion has been relatively recent and the photo is still stored on Facebook’s servers, so it is not necessary for the one who sent us the photo to be connected.

2. Use WhatsApp Web to recover images

One of the easiest ways to recover deleted images on mobile is to use the web version of the application.

The method is simple, although the photo is not on our phone with WhatsApp Web we can see the images included in the messages and from here we can download the images that we have lost.

To be able to enter the web version of WhatsApp we only have to enter the address in the computer browse. Here a QR code (Quick Response code) will appear on the screen, we access WhatsApp on our phone, tap on the ellipsis at the top right of the screen and in the menu select WhatsApp Web. We scan the code and everything is ready.

3. Use the WhatsApp backup

At WhatsApp, we have the possibility of making backup copies of our chats. If the option is periodically enabled, the application will create the backup.

Before resorting to the backup we have to make sure that the backup was made after receiving the message that contained the image we want.

The first thing you should do is check if the date of the last backup matches the date on which you would have received the photo. If so, we can restore the copy.

The only drawback of this process is that there is no possibility to do this from the App, the only way is to install and reinstall WhatsApp. When we carry out the process and enter the phone number again, the program will indicate that there is a backup.

Later we will be asked if we want to download and we accept. After finishing the entire process, which can take a long time, Finally, we will have recovered all our deleted photos.

4. Use a special application

If all of the above has failed the last idea could be to use some kind of recovery application. The problem is that WhatsApp saves the photos and videos in the internal memory of the phone, so we cannot remove the memory card and do a deep search with a PC.

There are a good number of applications to perform this task, but the problem is that the most complete applications need root permissions (Rooting means you have root access to your device) to do an in-depth search.

Losing some photos that we like or need is a situation that we have experienced more than one and on more than one occasion, but with a little help such as we can find in recovering, we can solve the problem using the above method.

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