SMS Backup and Restore – Effective Ways to Save Android and iPhone Text Messages

SMS Backup and Restore – Effective Ways to Save Android and iPhone Text Messages

We can’t afford to miss some important SMS/text messages. However, sometimes these messages may be lost when we switch to a new phone or accidentally reset Android phone or iPhone to factory settings. This article mainly focuses on how to backup and restore SMS on Android phones and iPhone with several best and effective ways.

SMS Backup and Restore

SMS/MMS Backup and Restore on Android Device

Method 1: How to Use SMS Backup & Restore on Android

SMS Backup & Restore is an all-in-one Android app that allows you to backup and restore text messages on Android. This application is the most direct way to backup and restore.

Step 1: Create new backup on Android

Download this app from GooglePlay, install it and launch it. Tap “BACKUP” > “Create new backup” to make a new backup for your MMS messages and special characters. You can then edit the backup name to create the backup. Press “OK” > “Yes” to start creating SMS backup on phone.

Create SMS backup on Android

Step 2: Restore SMS backup

Go to the home page of this application, select “RESET” > Find the SMS backup you made and tap “Do not restore duplicates” > “Restore MMS messages” or “Restore all messages” or “Restore only sent messages/Received From:” alternatively > “OK” > “CLOSE” to restore SMS backup to your Android phone.

Restore SMS Backup on Android

1. When you backup SMS, you can choose to store the SMS backup on your local phone or upload it to Google Drive/Dropbox/Email.

2. Usually SMS backup will be saved to your phone’s internal storage by default. However, if you want to replace your phone or factory reset it, you’d better copy the SMS backup to an external card.

Method 2: How to Transfer SMS and MMS to SD Card and Restore with SMS Backup + APK

It will be good news for you if you have an SD card in your Android phone when you want to backup and restore text or picture messages. SD memory card has larger storage space, so you can export SMS or MMS from Android phone to SD card and backup. Then, you can insert the card into another Android phone and restore messages with SMS Backup + APK.

Step 1: Sync SMS and MMS to SD card

On your phone, tap “Messages” > Select a message or messages you want to transfer > Tap “Options” or the “Menu” > Tap “Save” > SD card. The SMS/MMS will be transferred to your SD memory card.

Step 2: Restore the backup SMS with SMS Backup +

After downloading this APK on your phone, launch it. On the main interface, tap “Restore” to select the backup you made on the SD card to restore it to your phone.

Restore backup SMS

Method 3: How to Backup and Recover Deleted SMS/MMS with FoneLab

If you want to backup current text messages on your Android phone, the above two tools are enough. However, if you want to backup deleted SMS or MMS on Android, then Android Data Recovery will do you a big favor.< /span>

Step 1: Download and install FoneLab for Android

Download Android Data Recovery and follow the instructions to install it on a PC or Mac. Launch the program and connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable.

Connect Android phone for SMS backup and restore

Notes: To continue connecting the device, you must allow your Android phone to always be in USB debugging mode during connection.

Enable USB debugging

Step 2: Scan SMS/MMS from device

When your device is detected, you are prompted to select Android file types. And here, you need to check the “Messages” and “Message attachments”.

Scan SMS from Android Phone to Backup and Restore SMS

Step 3: SMS/MMS backup

After the scanning process, all data will be displayed. Click “Messages” and “Message Attachments” (MMS) in the left column, and you will see all deleted or existing Android text messages or their attachments will be displayed on the main interface . Check what you want and then choose “Recover” to backup SMS and MMS from your Android phone.

Android SMS/MMS Backup

SMS/MMS Backup and Restore on iPhone

How to backup and restore iPhone messages? Although iTunes can help you do that, however, it cannot allow you to view and choose the destination messages. And here, we would like to introduce two flexible programs, which allow you to backup and restore iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessages selectively.

Backup Deleted Text Messages on iPhone with FoneLab

As a reputable iOS data recovery tool, FoneLab can also help you backup text messages with ease. With the program, you can view and recover existing and deleted SMS/MMS/iMessages.

Step 1: Download and install FoneLab. Connect your iPhone to computer and this tool will automatically detect your device.

Step 2: In “Recover from iOS Device” mode, press “Scan” to scan your iPhone data.

Step 3: For a few seconds, all the data on the iPhone will be displayed. Click “Messages” and “Message Attachments” to view your text messages and picture messages. After reviewing the messages, click “Recover” to save text messages on iPhone to computer

Backup SMS on iPhone

Save current iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessages via FoneTrans

As an alternative to iTunes, FoneTrans allows you to selectively backup and export text messages from iPhone. Download and install the software to see how it works.

Step 1: Start FoneTrans. Connect your iPhone using a USB cable.

Step 2: The program will recognize and scan your device. Choose SMS from the left column, and then iPhone SMS on your iPhone will appear in the reveal list on the right.

Step 3: Mark the messages you want to transfer by checking the checkbox in front of them. Click “Export to” in the tools menu and your target iPhone messages will be saved as a CSV, HTML or TXT file.

Backup SMS on iPhone

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Restore SMS or MMS to iPhone with iTools

From the description above, you can backup text messages including deleted ones from iPhone to computer. Then in this part, you will need a free tool iTools to restore SMS backup on your iPhone from PC. Read this part to restore SMS to iPhone from PC.

Have you managed to backup and restore messages on Android phone or iPhone? Any advice to help this page help more users will be welcome.

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