Threads comes to iPhone with iOS 17 that fixes a crucial problem

Threads comes to iPhone with iOS 17 that fixes a crucial problem

Just one week, seven days have passed since Meta released its first update to Threads for iPhone . This time, version 291 of Threads, obviously the one after version 289 that has bug fixes but now at indicated times.

Threads with update in iOS 17

In case you have Threads on your iPhone and you already have iOS 17 in its beta version, you may already see a clear and totally reliable way to block the application. In case you want to attach a photo or video to your post from your image selection, the app will block you 100% of the time. Now there is already a Meta response for this action, at least in the copy and paste one. For now, for videos you can use a GIF.

Although the first update that Threads has, which is an app derived from Instagram, does not have support for iPad or any other low-cost features. Well, now with the new update you will be able to see a solution to the photo selector in iOS 17.

Obviously it is a practically basic function for your constant use in Threads. Therefore, what Apple already has the tests for iOS 17 ready for beta for developers and even in the public beta.

This new public beta has different ways that are more accessible for the user who already has and runs iOS 17, of course, now you can have the iOS 17 public beta. You can now find out how to download and install this version of the operating system, find out at the following link . So try it right now.

The update is also part of a great innovation for those who already had Threads. But now with a certain limitation with only one photo pasted in the publications. Bug fix can now make improvements in iOS 17 and give the ability to post up to 10 images with your own carousel in a single post.

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There are still plenty of new features for version 1.0.1, err version 291 that you might enjoy in conjunction with everything that iOS 17 brings to your iPhone. The correction of errors and improvements, above all, of performance favor your navigation. You’ll obviously notice some other bug fixes and just downloading Threads from the App StoreIn any case, if you notice errors still force quit and restart the app.

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